What should I do if "Pregnant Mom must look" during pregnancy?

Ms. Li, who lives in the High -tech Zone, has a large piece of melasma on her face after pregnancy. When she first appeared, she didn’t care. She thought it was a normal state of pregnancy. Just wait for the child to have a child.After giving birth to a child, Ms. Li’s face was already "marvelous."In order to remove freckles, Ms. Li has used any ways, drinking Chinese medicine internal adjustment, freckle whitening cream, and white vinegar to wash face and freckle removal, which can not have obvious effects each time, and the longer the chloasma is longer and more.

Ms. Li said, "Looking at the melasma on her face, she was too uncomfortable and she didn’t dare to go out to see people." Recently, she came to the Dermatology Department of the People’s Hospital of Suzhou High -tech Zone for help.After the doctors analyzed and evaluated their facial pigment plaques through a professional skin detector, they carried out laser freckle for Ms. Li, and properly cooperated with melasma mask, fruit acid skin exchange and oral drug treatment.After a period of treatment, the spots on Ms. Li’s face improved significantly, and her skin was recovered again.

Liu Wei, a dermatologist at the High -tech Zone People’s Hospital, introduced that melasma is a pigmentation skin disease. It is mostly in young and middle -aged women, and it is limited to two -handed, and it is over the entire face, which seriously affects the patient’s appearance.Its onset is mainly related to the three important factors of ultraviolet rays, genetics, and endocrine.Among them, the incidence of deep skin tone is high; ultraviolet rays are considered to be the main factor that causes chloasma and aggravation; pregnancy, oral contraceptives and hormone treatment are the most common factor -induced factor;Skin inflammation, light aging, and skin metabolic disorders are also related.

"At present, the treatment of melasma has no special effects. Generally, comprehensive treatment of drugs, laser, and fruit acid skin changes." Director Liu Wei said that melasma should be treated as soon as possible. With age, it is difficult to treat patients with long disease course.Increase.In addition to receiving standardized treatment, Director Liu Wei also emphasized that it is necessary to actively avoid the induction of various melasma and adjust the lifestyle -avoid taking drugs that cause hormone levels; avoid taking photosensitive drugs;; Adjust your mood, relieve tension and anxiety; regular and suitable diet.At the same time, focusing on sun protection -sun protection is the basic treatment of all melasma, and it is also an important measure to cooperate with other treatments.It is generally recommended to use SPF ≥ 30 30, PA +++ broad -spectrum (UAB+UBA) sunscreen, you need to use it daily, apply it once every 3 to 4h, and 2 mg/cm2 each time to reduce the skin barrier caused by sunlight irradiation.Damage and increased melanocyte activity.In addition, for patients with sensitive skin, the correct choice and use of cosmetics is very important. We must pay attention to repairing skin barriers: Studies show that the skin barrier of chloasma patients is abnormal. It is recommended to use medical skin care products with anti -sensitivity and moisturizing effects under the guidance of a doctor, Enhance skin tolerance.(Lu Xiaojun)

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