What should I do if a pregnant woman finds the cervical height lesion?

[Introduction] The 31 -year -old patient has not been pregnant for two years in pregnancy. It has found that the cervical high -level scale epithelial internal epithelial disease (CIN2) has been found. If you do not want to do cervical cone surgery, there are other ways to eliminate the diseased disease.Don’t cause damage to the cervix?

【Gender: Female

【Age】 31 years old

【Location】 Hebei

[Diagnosis] High -risk HPV infection, CIN2 level, chronic cervicitis

[Main symptoms] lumbosacral soreness, leucorrhea, cervical erosion

[Treatment plan] Minimally invasive thermal condensate and poisoning deprivation

[History of the current] Patients discovered high -risk HPV16 and 51 infections in 2015. They have not been pregnant for two years.In November 2017, HPV high -risk 51 infection, TCT atypical squamous cells, and vaginal mirror biopsy showed that the cervical high -grade scales of the scales of the epithelium (CIN2).Subsequently, the patient came to our clinic at the end of December 2017. After three months of treatment, it was reviewed in March 2018. HPV turned to yin and healed lesions.

【Diagnosis and Treatment】

【Medical Words and Medicine】

In 2015, a 31 -year -old patient found high -risk HPV16 and 51 infection. He had not been pregnant for two years. During the period, he used medicine. Until 2017, the vaginal biopsy showed that the cervical high -grade scales of the same scales (CIN2).The local doctor suggested that the cervical LEEP is cutting and removed the lesion tissue. The patient is not yet pregnant. Considering that he has a fertility need and does not want to cut it, he finally found me.

High -risk HPV virus has strong adhesion because of the unique morphology of the virus itself.Many years of outpatient cases show that simply one method has little effect on the elimination of the virus, especially the result of simply taking medicine is the least ideal.For the cone cutting of LEEP, for unprecedented women, the postoperative impact has a greater impact, and if the range of the cone -cut is not large enough, the virus will be residual.There will be many cases that continue to be infected after the LEEP.And after leep, due to the lack of some normal cervical tissue caused by resection, the probability of abortion due to the thin cervical mouth of the cervical mouth was increasing.

In this case, I clinically adopted a comprehensive treatment method of minimally invasive thermal condensate venomiasis. In addition to treating lesions and removing HPV viruses, the most important thing is that this method is relatively gentle, and there is no harm to the cervix.Women’s cervix will not affect the normal fertility function in the future.

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