What should I do if I bleed in the early stages of pregnancy?

We all know that nausea, vomiting, frequent urination, breast tenderness, etc. will occur after pregnancy. A series of uncomfortable early pregnancy reactions, but do you know? In the pregnancy stage of pregnancy, it is very easy to have a miscarriage in the early pregnancy, except for except forIn addition to what early pregnancy reactions, you should also pay attention to bleeding. In fact, it is not early pregnancy bleeding or abortion. Bleeding can be available, but this phenomenon that cannot be painted at the same time. Generally, early pregnancy bleeding is bleeding. It is an embryo damage.There is a precursor to abortion, and it is even more surprising that women who bleed during early pregnancy will have a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. Only half of the fetus will develop normally.

Many people do not know if bleeding should go to the hospital during early pregnancy, so let’s talk about early pregnancy bleeding today? In fact, there are many vaginal bleeding in the early pregnancy, especially in the early pregnancy, butYou need to go to the hospital as soon as bleeding. Whether you go to the hospital to decide according to other symptoms, such as the amount of bleeding and color, and the time of bleeding.No blood clots fell out.

First of all, let’s take a look at the time of bleeding. For women who can come on time on time, if a small amount of bleeding can be found between 30-40 days of pregnancy, it may be bleeding in bed, but ifIf you bleed only after 40 days of pregnancy, then it is likely to be a threatened or ectopic pregnancy.

Secondly, the amount of bleeding in bed is very small. The careless female friend is easy to ignore this bleeding, and the amount of bleeding bleeding from extraterreals will be compared to the time when we are in bed, but there is no normal menstrual flow, andCan repeat bleeding.If bleeding is as much as menstrual flow, it is likely to have a miscarriage.

In addition to the symptoms of bleeding, abdominal pain is also a sign of a threatened abortion. Although many women may have symptoms of uncomfortable abdomen in the early stages of pregnancy, they will not pain. In fact, abdominal pain should be separated from the one in the stomach.Position pain. If it is in the middle of the stomach, most of them are aborted. If it hurts on the left, it may be ectopic pregnancy, but if it hurts on the right side, there is the possibility of appendicitis in addition to ectopic pregnancy.

In addition, it depends on whether there is something to fall out, because in addition to bleeding, there are sometimes things that have fallen out. These things may be some blood clots, so we can exclude bed bleeding. In this case, weYou need to go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible. When you go, take the falling blood clot to give it to the doctor to better be diagnosed.

All in all, as long as it is bleeding during early pregnancy, no matter whether the amount of bleeding is large, there is no blood clot, do not be nervous, go to the hospital to check the results, and it is useless to be anxious.Early pregnancy should also go to the hospital to check to eliminate some abnormalities, and then supplement vitamins and folic acid according to physical conditions to ensure the normal development of the fetus.

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