What should I do if I can’t sleep in the middle of the night after pregnancy?Mainly these 4 reasons, try so

After pregnancy, the body will change a lot due to changes in hormone levels. Pregnant mothers will become easy to feel tired and tired, and they need more sleep than before.Although the sleeping time for pregnant mothers has increased, it may not be good for sleep quality for various reasons.If you don’t sleep well, it will easily affect the status of the next day, and the whole person is also mentally sluggish.So what should I do if I can’t sleep in the middle of the night after pregnancy?Mainly these four reasons, pregnant mothers try this.

1. frequent urination

After pregnancy, the pregnant mother will find that she often wants to go to the toilet, which is the phenomenon of frequent urination.On the one hand, changes in hormone content in pregnant mothers will stimulate the feeling of urination to urinate in pregnant mothers. On the other hand, the pregnant mother’s pregnant belly will gradually squeeze the bladder, resulting in the smaller storage of the bladder, and the pregnant mother is easyThe feeling of the toilet.The frequent urination is not only during the day, but also the pregnant mothers often get up to go to the toilet at night, which causes the pregnant mother to sleep well at night, and the spirit during the day is not good.It is recommended that pregnant mothers can drink plenty of water during the day and drink less water before going to bed, so that the symptoms of frequent urination at night will be reduced.

Second, pregnancy

Pregnancy is also a reason for the poor sleeping situation of pregnant mothers, because pregnancy vomiting is not only affected by food. It may suddenly feel nauseous when the pregnant mother sleeps at night at night, which can not slow down for a long time, which will cause sleep.The quality becomes worse.Pregnant mothers can ask professionals to reduce pregnancy, so that not only can I sleep well at night, but I don’t have to be affected by pregnancy during the day.

Third, physical discomfort

Pregnant mothers often feel breast tenderness during pregnancy, which is due to changes in hormone content in pregnant mothers.In the daytime, pregnant mothers can still endure chest pain, and they may not sleep well due to pain in the evening.Pregnant mothers can wear sports underwear while sleeping, which will relieve the discomfort in the chest, and the pregnant mother’s sleep can be better.In addition, the increase in pregnancy during pregnancy will make the pregnant mother only sleep on the side. If the pregnant mother has the habit of lying flat and sleeping before, suddenly lying on the side to sleep may cause the pregnant mother to be uncomfortable, resulting in poor sleep quality.

Fourth, stomach burning

The changes in the body’s body hormone content of the pregnant mother can also cause the smooth muscle to relax the stomach, so that the food and gastric acid in the stomach can easily flow back to the cauliflower, causing the discomfort of the pregnant mother.Especially for pregnant mothers who are used to sleeping after dinner, it is more likely to have such a situation. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers do not go to bed if they do n’t eat meals. It is best to walk after meals.In this way, it is not easy for pregnant mothers to have such discomfort when they sleep.

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