What should I do if I do constipation after pregnancy?Experts give you a trick

Ame is a quasi -mother who is more than 4 months pregnant. She has always been normal for her stools, but recently she has begun to have constipation. She couldn’t solve it for several days. Huaibao did not dare to work too hard to go to the toilet.Now Ame, her stomach is uncomfortable, and she dare not eat too much.

Zhou Xunhua, director of the obstetrics and gynecology department of the Second People’s Hospital of Hunan Province, said that the phenomenon of Amei was caused by multiple factors.First, after pregnancy, a large amount of progesterone secretes the placenta, and progesterone has the effect of inhibiting gastrointestinal peristalsis, reducing gastric acid secretion, reducing muscle tension in the gastrointestinal tract, and weakening muscle peristalsis.Second, due to the extension of food in the intestine, the water in the food residue was re -absorbed by the intestinal wall cells, resulting in dry and hard stool, it is difficult to excrete the body.Third, after pregnancy, the physical activity of pregnant women is reduced compared to before pregnancy, resulting in the intestinal muscles that are not easy to drive the stool outward; and the gradually increased factor uterus can compress the rectum, which will extend the time when the feces stay in the intestine, so that the feces will make the stool stoolIt is difficult to discharge; coupled with the muscles of the abdominal wall of the pregnant woman become weak, there is no sufficient abdominal pressure push during defecation.Therefore, even if the pregnant woman has the intention, she has shrunk the abdominal muscles hard, but it is still difficult to discharge the feces accumulated in the rectum.

Therefore, it is recommended that those pregnant mothers insist on appropriate sports activities every day. If you walk, you can also do some minor housework to develop a good habit of timing defecation.It is the best time to defecate about 1 hour after breakfast.Don’t ignore your intentions, let alone be inconvenient.If the toilet time is too long, it not only increases the abdominal pressure, but also brings difficulties to the back of the lower limbs.

In addition, dietary therapy is also a good way to correct constipation. Drink some honey water appropriately to help bowel movements.Many pregnant women often have difficulty in defecation due to too fine feeding, so they need to eat more vegetables, fruits and rough grains with more cellulose.In this way, the feces can be soft and easy to excrete.

In the third trimester, many pregnant women are often lazy because of their body gradually bulky, so the phenomenon of constipation is more obvious in the late pregnancy.And appropriate amount of exercise can enhance the contraction of the abdominal muscles of pregnant women, promote intestinal motility, and prevent or reduce constipation.Wang Danqi

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