What should I do if I do not eat meat during pregnancy?

It is affected by progesterone after pregnancy. Pregnant mothers will change their taste to somewhat, but if you were originally a mothers who were not fleshing, they were disgusting to the meat after pregnancy., I can eat anything, I can’t eat anything.Then, you must worry that the baby will be malnourished because of this.

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肉 The effect of not eating meat during pregnancy

1. For pregnant mothers

Pregnant mothers are easy to have no strength to eat meat, because the meat contains nutrients such as protein and vitamins that human body needs, which can make up for the nutrition that the pregnant mother is lacking.If pregnant mothers do not eat meat, they may lack the supplement to these nutrients. The pregnant mother’s body lacks some nutrients. It will also affect their immunity for a long time, and it will be more likely to get sick during pregnancy.

2. Fetal

For pregnant mothers, psychologically, the fetus is easy to get happiness.But physically, the fetus is actually competing with pregnant mothers for resources and nutrition.Pregnant mothers have insufficient nutrition, so the fetus can not be fully absorbed, and naturally it will affect the baby’s development!And the pregnant mother’s illness causes high fever, etc., which has a greater impact on the baby!

The effect of eating too much meat during pregnancy

Although the pregnant mother does not eat meat, it has a certain impact on the pregnant mother and the development of the fetus, but the pregnant mother cannot eat more!Meat contains a large amount of fat. The pregnant mother eats too much, which is prone to increase blood pressure. It will also reduce the self -immunity of the pregnant mother. It is not helpful to the weight control of pregnant mothers.In addition, if you eat too much meat or too greasy dishes, you will increase the burden on the stomach of the pregnant mother, causing indigestion, no appetite and so on!

Therefore, pregnant mothers should eat the right amount of meat. Don’t eat more or not!

食 Do not eat meat, other foods to supplement nutrition

If the pregnant mother can’t eat meat, then you can obtain the nutrients needed by the body through other foods, such as the following foods, can obtain protein and vitamins such as protein and vitamins!

1. Eggs

Eggs are rich in protein, which can supplement the nutrients that the body lacks, which is beneficial to the development of pregnant mothers and fetuses!

The most important thing to retain eggs should be boiled eggs.Because eggs are high -protein foods, pregnant mothers do not have more than 3 daily intake.

2. Fruit

Fruits are rich in vitamins, and also contain minerals and zinc lack of pregnant mothers. In addition, they can also increase the absorption of iron by pregnant mothers, which is excellent for fetal babies.

Some fruits can help the baby’s brain development. Some fruits can help the baby’s bone development and eyesight, so eating more fruits during pregnancy is a good choice!Especially Apple, bananas, pears, grapes and other heavy fruits are rich in nutrition and economical.

3. Rough grain nuts

If you do n’t like to eat meat, you need to work hard on the rough grain. Like some beans and cereals, you can supplement nutrition, help pregnant mothers digest, and can also achieve the effect of lowering blood pressure and blood sugar.Great benefits!Eat more foods or vegetables containing cellulose, and you can also eat more walnuts and peanuts in the early pregnancy. It contains unsaturated fatty acids to promote the nerve development of the fetus.

Pregnant mothers cannot control the taste changes caused by progesterone, and the pregnant mother needs to make changes.Pregnant mothers should not pick eaters as much as possible, do n’t eat more if you like, do n’t eat if you do n’t like it. Balanced nutrition will develop better.

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