What should I do if I encounter embarrassing mycotic vaginitis during pregnancy?3 tricks to teach you how to deal with it easily

In addition to terrible pregnancy during pregnancy, there is also an indescribable problem that is the moldy vaginitis.During pregnancy, the human body’s resistance has declined, and many people are easily troubled by this problem.

Bacteria vaginitis is a disease of fungal infection. After suffering from it, it is easy to itch the lower body and the odor that is more obvious is that the leucorrhea is abnormal, which is yellow -green.One characteristic of mold is relatively stubborn and easy to recur.After pregnancy, the vaginal environment changes, the pH value of the vagina is acidic, the resistance of diabetes decreases, and it is suitable for mold growth.Coupled with decreased resistance during pregnancy.It’s easier to recruit.Although mold is not a major illness, once it itchy is quite uncomfortable, especially during pregnancy, some expectant mothers are also worried that it will affect the baby in the stomach.Therefore, we must pay attention to prevention in addition to actively cooperating with treatment.

How to take preventive measures?

1. Pay attention to hygiene and care.Especially for underwear, it is better to use cotton fabrics to be washed frequently.Washing the lower body is commonly used to avoid using a cleaner with strong irritating.

2. Diet, try to be as light as possible.Try to eat less spicy and cold, irritating foods, and the diet is mainly nutritious and easy to digest.

3. The rules of schedule, enhancement of physical fitness is the key.Only good resistance is the foundation for preventing all diseases.Therefore, in addition to diet, you should pay attention to, proper exercise and rest are also important.

4. Pay attention to clothing and wash separately, especially socks and underwear.Human toes are a fungus that is easy to be infected if washing with underwear.Generally, the fungal water should also be killed by hot water, so after washing the underwear, you can use boiling water to blanch it again, or it can be sterilized in the sun to expose it to the sun.

What should I do if I accidentally suffer from mold vaginitis?

1. Choose to treat the fetus that is harmless.At that time, I was also repeated mold at the time, which was relatively serious. The doctor prescribed the medicine and the washed drugs that could be controlled for a period of time.However, don’t use the medicine at will, it is best to take it under the guidance of the hospital doctors.

2. Change the underwear frequently and wash the lower body with warm water. It is best to cool it with boiled water, which is better.

3. Change the pH environment of the vagina.You can use an alkaline solution to clean the lower body to change the vaginal environment.It is best not to rinse after pregnancy, just take a bath directly.

Mold is a disease that is easy to repeatedly, and I was troubled by it almost during the whole pregnancy.At this time, don’t be anxious, let alone be afraid of hurting the baby.Moomal vaginitis can be treated. As long as a reasonable treatment under the guidance of a doctor will not affect the fetus. When the child is born, some people will improve after the vaginal environment changes.

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