What should I do if I have a frequent urination?It’s all salty food!

[Mother’s Draft] Many friends have been troubled by frequent urination for a long time: Do you want to sleep all night?It’s impossible at all!Even my wife has to complain about me to disturb her rest!What are the reasons for frequent urination?How should I solve frequently?

To solve the problem of frequent urination, you must first understand the cause of the frequent urination. It is normal to have frequent urination in some cases!

The causes of frequent urination can be divided into three categories: diet, disease, and special physiological changes.

Increased urination caused by diet, such as a lot of water, foods that eat urination (such as winter melon, watermelon and barley, etc.), drinking beer, etc. Due to the increased water intake, through the adjustment and filtration of the kidneys, the increase in urine volume, the number of urination times alsoIncreased frequent urination.As long as these situations are adjusted and moved by diet, the situation of urine will be improved.

What are the causes of frequent urination of children?

Disease cause: Due to frequent urination caused by disease reasons, the disease is needed first, and the problem of frequent urination after cure will disappear.

Diabetes, patients with diabetes, urinary tract patients, urethritis, acute cystitis, tuberculous cystitis, pyelonephritis, chronic penile foreskinitis, and vulvitis, etc.In addition, non -inflammatory stimulation, such as urinary tract stones, urethral foreign bodies, etc. can cause frequent urination.

Special physiological changes: frequent urination of such situations is mainly pregnant.The more pregnant, the more frequent urination will occur.There is no other physical discomfort. It is a normal physiological change, because the pressure of the uterus at this stage is also increasing. The increasingly expanding uterus begins to compress the nearby bladder, resulting in a decline in the amount of urine in the bladder, which causes frequent urination.

For babies within one and a half years, because they do not have the ability to control urination, frequent urination is normal.

What should I do if I have a frequent urination?

As mentioned above, the role of special physiological changes (such as pregnancy) is generally minimal. What is the role of treatment or conditioning is minimal. What pregnant women can do is to accept changes in the body of pregnancy.For frequent urination caused by physiological and disease, you can refer to the following precautions:

1. Properly control the amount of salt intake to help the kidneys maintain water.

2. Drink boiled water and low concentration of sugar water. Do not drink a lot of high -calorie drinks to prevent the weight increased sharply in order to prevent excessive heat intake.

3. Those with frequent urination, have a lot of potassium in the body, should be supplemented with potassium -rich foods, such as shiitake mushrooms, cabbage, beans, peanuts, walnuts, watermelons, bananas, etc.

4. Eat less diuretic foods: such as barley, winter melon, lotus leaf, apple cider vinegar, tomato, watermelon, corn beard, kelp, mung bean and hawthorn.

5. For friends with frequent nighturia, the first reason to consider is whether you drink a lot of water before going to bed or eat a lot of watermelon and other foods rich in water.The normal urine circulation is generally about 50 minutes. It is recommended that you don’t drink water about one hour before going to bed.

What to do if you frequently urinate

6. Nervous tension may also be one of the causes of frequent urination. This is mainly caused by the tension before everyone’s bed.Relaxing yourself is also conducive to driving away frequent urine bites.

7, disease should be treated early.Due to the frequent urination caused by the disease, the symptoms need to be treated early, and the frequent urination will be completely improved.

And we also have to learn to observe unusual frequent urination, such as frequent urination with urinary pain, hematuria, enduric urinary protein, etc., we must be alert to the possibility of urethral infections and urinary system stones.

It should be noted that frequent urination caused by urethral infections is a good thing. Drink plenty of water to form more urine to flush the urethra and fight infection.

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