What should I do if I have a uterine cavity adhesion?

Menstruation is a barometer of women’s health. How can women’s fertility can also be seen through menstruation.If a pregnant woman finds that her menstrual flow is gradually decreased, it can be paid attention to less than two days, especially those with gynecological inflammation (especially pelvic inflammatory history) and women in the palace/basin surgery.Sticky.

In addition to less menstruation, women with uterine cavity adhesion may also experience periodic abdominal pain! Usually, abdominal pain will occur about one month after abortion surgery, and spasm pain in the lower abdomen will have spasm pain.

The uterine cavity adhesion, as the name suggests, refers to adhesion inside the uterus. There is a layer of tissue "film" in the uterus. This is the endometrium (divided into the base layer and functional layer).When the endometrium is traumatized or infected, the base layer will be damaged, resulting in adhesion of the front and rear walls of the uterus, the functional layer cannot be formed, and the amount of menstruation will be reduced.

Why does the cervix adhere to?

There are two main causes of cervical adhesion: inflammation and frequent uterine surgery (abortion).

Both of them can cause adhesion caused by endometrial damage. The inflammation is mostly caused by pelvic inflammatory infection, such as cervicitis, endometritis, vaginitis, and disobeyling during menstruation.Most of the people infected.

Uterine adhesion

Most of the outpatient clinics have had a history of abortion, habitual abortion, fetal stopping, etc. due to inappropriate surgery or improper later care, causing endometrial damage, uterine walls sticking to each other, fibrous scars, forming permanentness, forming permanentnessAdhesion.

Can uterine cavity adhesion cause infertility?

The endometrium is a very important existence for women.Monthly rely on it, and pregnancy is also an indispensable "thing".

During the pregnancy, only the endometrium with normal thickness is conducive to embryo bed. Too thick or too thin is not conducive to pregnancy. In reproductive medicine, there is the image saying of "seeds" and "soil".Eggs, "soil" is the endometrium.When the uterine cavity adhesion, the endometrium becomes thinner, and some areas may have no endometrium at all. "Land" is barren. Poor fertilized eggs are difficult to find places suitable for bed.

Therefore, women who do not intend to have children must take contraceptive measures and try not to perform abortion surgery. If you do n’t do it, you must choose a professional hospital, so as not to cause uterine cavity infection due to improper operation and affect future fertility.

Can uterine cavity adhesion be pregnant?

The principle of treating uterine adhesion is nothing more than a separation of adhesion.So far, the way to treat the effect of uterine cavity adhesion is to perform hysteroscopic surgery.

The surgery is visible throughout the process. According to the degree of the degree of adhesion, the surgery meets the needs of Lady Beauty now, minimally invasive, does not affect the beauty. You can also wear umbilical outfits after surgery.

It is easy to recur after the uterine cavity adhesion again. Special treatment is required during surgery.

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