What should I do if I increase yellow in leucorrhea?

Increasing leucorrhea yellow is the most common manifestation of gynecology. It is often caused by the problem of gynecological inflammation, but how to treat it requires the diagnosis and treatment of professional doctors.

Under normal circumstances, leucorrhea is milky white and no odor. When your leucorrhea appears yellow, you often need to go to the hospital to seek a doctor’s help.

It is the most important cause of the cause. Usually, after going to the hospital, doctors need to do a gynecological examination. After opening the vagina with a glimpse, see which problem is probably. The problem may come from the vagina, cervix or uterine cavity.See.

Whether the cervix is abnormal, leucorrhea inspection is the most commonly used auxiliary inspection method, that is, take the leucorrhea and put it under the microscope to see if there is an abnormality inside.

The most common diseases that lead to increased yellowing of leucorrhea include the following aspects:


Under normal circumstances, lactobacillus is presented in the vagina, which maintains the balance of the inner environment. If there is infection with other pathogens, this balance will be broken, leading to the reproduction of other pathogens.

The more common vaginitis diseases include bacteria, trichomoniasis, and Candida (fungi).


Bacteria, especially anaerobic bacteria, often cause leucorrhea yellow and odor.


Trichomonas infection leads to an increase in leucorrhea, which will be typically manifested as foam leucorrhea and vaginal itching.


The increase in leucorrhea caused by fungal infection, yellowing, is typical for tofu -like leucorrhea, with itching.

In general, these vaginal inflammation can be diagnosed through leucorrhea examinations. Through the correct medication (generally treated with vaginal suppository treatment), it will soon improve.

Note that it is no longer recommended for flushing therapy for vaginal inflammation, because rinse will cause inflammation to the pelvic cavity, but it will increase the chance of inflammation in the stomach.

The infection of fungi is slightly more troublesome, and it is more likely to have repeated situations. For details, please refer to the popular science article "What to do with the vaginism of the vagina with the vaginism of the vagina."


First of all, "cervical erosion" is no longer a disease. For details, please refer to the popular science articles I wrote before, "Cervical erosion -an outdated disease".Different cervicitis is that cervicitis is the condition of some pathogens that are attached to the cervix and leads to the increase of leucorrhea. The doctor can probably determine whether the inflammation is derived from the cervix through gynecological examination.

The pathogens that are common in cervical infection include bacteria, mycoplasma, and chlamydia. If there is acute inflammation, it is usually necessary to take oral antibiotics or vaginal suppository for treatment.

However, the treatment of chronic cervicitis is different, because inflammation is often delayed, and the use of suppository treatment often occurs when it is good and bad. Inflammation is often easier to repeat. At this time, physical therapy is often used.

There are many methods of physical therapy. The more common methods include laser, freezing, microwave, and high -intensity focus ultrasound treatment. Generally, the symptoms can be obtained in the next treatment.Many people are worried that they will be infertility in the future. Physical therapy has little effect on the skills of cervix. After treatment, you can still get pregnant and naturally give birth.

The LEEP knife is a tissue that removes the cervix, which is not suitable for the treatment of cervical inflammation. Especially for patients with fertility requirements, after the cervix shortens the function, the function will be affected and the opportunity to increase premature birth in the future.

Uterine cavity and fallopian tube inflammation

The inflammation of the uterine cavity is not many clinical, and fallopian tube inflammation is more than the inflammation of the uterine cavity.After the infection of the uterine cavity and fallopian tube, leucorrhea will also increase, but the gynecological examination can find that the yellow leucorrhea is from the cervix out of the mouth. It is often accompanied by abdominal pain of varying degrees. Ultrasonic can find the stagnation of fallopian tubes.

The use of antibiotic therapy in the acute stage is often effective, but once chronic inflammation is formed, it is often difficult to cure. Physical therapy may be helpful.The fallopian tube can improve the symptoms.

In short, the increase in yellowing of leucorrhea is the problem of inflammation. From the perspective of prevention, the inflammation of the reproductive tract is often related to the destruction of the internal environment and the unclean sexual life. Pay attention to the cleaning of sexual life.Necessary measures.Vaginal flushing is not conducive to the maintenance of the environment in the vagina, so even normal women are not recommended for daily vaginal flushing, and rushing is even more unhealthy.


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