What should I do if I only drink water without drinking water?What should I do if I only drink water or not?

Pregnant sows only drink water and not eat ingredients. The reasons are different. The treatment methods are different. Below we are from: poor gastrointestinal function of sows, excessive sedge in sow, and poor quality of pig feed.In the end, the specific reasons and treatment methods of pregnant sows only drink water and do not eat ingredients.Friends of farmers can learn with me.

1 Bow gastrointestinal function poor

During the pregnancy, sows continue to grow in the body, which will compress the intestine and reduce the motility of gastrointestinal motility. The sow is insufficient during pregnancy, which will lead to poor gastrointestinal function, resulting in sow only drinking water and not eating.In addition, some high fever can also cause sows to only drink water and not eat.First of all, we must give sows in weight, observe the sow’s bowel movements, etc. to determine whether sows have high fever diseases, timely fever needles, and symptomatic treatment.Then let me tell you how to regulate the stomach and intestines for the sows.

When the sow does not have high fever, the sow does not eat in the case of normal feeding.It is recommended that farmers use sow mixing materials: maternal animals are too guarantee+multi -dimensional Pacific guarantee to regulate sow’s nutritional metabolism, so that sows are smooth and bloody, eat well, digestion, and less sick.If the sow’s qi and blood are too weak, the appetite is too low, and anorexia, we can use it for the sow: the food is too guaranteed, the 100ml of water is 1L of water, and each drinks water or mixes 150ml ~ 200ml.It can be used for 3 to 4 days a week before the sow is given to 1 week before giving birth. It can prevent sows from not eating, and supplement the sows’ qi and blood and physical fitness before giving birth.If the sow suffers from stubborn anorexia, you can spray 200ml of food at 200ml directly into the sow’s mouth.

2 Sowers eat too much sedge

During the sow’s pregnancy, some farmers will feed the sow to feed excessive concentrates in order to replenish the sow. These segregated materials will accumulate in the stomach, causing sows to anorexia.In this regard, farmers must control the amount of concentration to avoid sows from anorexia.If sows eat too many concentrates and have accumulated food and failure to defecate, it is recommended to fill the sows: accumulate too much food, half a bottle (500 ml) at a time, help sow to vent their food quickly.In addition, we must also avoid suddenly replacing the feed. When feeding strong pig feed, we must let sows drink sufficient drinking water to help sows digest.

3 Pig feed quality is not good

Pig feed moldy, lack of nutrition, and uneven nutrition ratio is also an important reason for sow to not eat food.Especially in the hot summer, sows are prone to heat stress, poor appetite, and do not eat.In this regard, we can use water for sows: winter and summer Tai guarantee, high -purity refined vitamin C, glucose, etc., can prevent heatstroke and stress in summer, cold and cold stress in winter, can be used all year round, and immune can also improve immunity all year round. It can also improve immunity.Force, speed up disease recovery.In addition, in high temperature and humid summer, feed with high water is easy to mold and deteriorate. It is recommended that farmers use mixing sow for sow pork. Cymus is too guaranteed, dehydrated with mold toxins, and maintains the intestinal health of sow.

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