What should I do if I suffer from recurrent abortion?

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Repeated abortion, repeated tire stop?

Repeated test tube transplantation failed?

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What is the cause of recurring abortion?

How to treat it correctly?

What is recurrent abortion?

Recurrent miscarriage (RSA) refers to the loss of the fetus before 28 weeks of pregnancy 3 times or 3 times.In 2020, the consensus of Chinese experts was diagnosed and treated with natural abortion (SA). It is recommended that SA2 and more than two times in a row. Before 28 weeks of pregnancy, fetal loss is defined as recurrent abortion, including continuous biochemical pregnancy.Emphasize the continuity of miscarriage and the risk of re -issuing abortion.

Under normal circumstances, everyone believes that abortion is the survival of nature.

Therefore, a natural miscarriage is not intervened. If you do a good pre -pregnancy examination, you can prepare for pregnancy again.If two abortion occurs, the incidence of abortion will increase significantly.

Therefore, when you have diagnosed recurrent abortion, do not have a chance to get pregnant, but you need to do a related examination to find out the cause of miscarriage, actively treat the cause of the disease, and reduce the possibility of re -miscarriage.

Common causes of recurrent abortion

Common causes of recurrent abortion are:

(1) Genetic factors: Abnormal chromosomes.

(2) Uterine anatomy abnormal: such as uterine malformation, uterine fibroids, uterine adenocidal disease, uterine cavity adhesion, etc.

(3) Endocrine factors: such as hyperculfinemia, polycystic ovary syndrome, thyroid dysfunction, and diabetes.

(4) Infection factors: reproductive tract or whole body infection.

(5) Disorders of coagulation function: The state of the thrombosis.

(6) Environmental factors: such as physical and chemical factors and mental factors.

(7) Other systemic diseases suffering from pregnant women: such as chronic consumer diseases, chronic liver and kidney diseases or hypertension.

(8) Immune factors: autoimmune and same immunity.

(9) Other unknown reasons.

More and more studies have found that immunology abnormalities are an important cause of miscarriage in the past.More than 80%of unknown reasons for recurrence abortion are related to immune factors (with immunity or autoimmune).

Anticin syndrome, systemic lupus erythematosus, drying syndrome, and unlimized hoof tissue disease and other autoimmune diseases, due to immune injury and other mechanisms will cause recurrence of abortion; the state before thrombosis will not make you clear in the state of the thrombus.Separational thrombosis, but it can form placenta vascular microstructures in pregnancy, decreased blood supply, embryo or fetal ischemia and hypoxia, and eventually leads to: repetitive biochemical pregnancy, repeated abortion, embryonication, too little amniotic fluid, severe childbirth, severe childbirthEpilepsy, fetal growth is limited, premature birth, or even dead pregnancy.

Treatment of recurrent abortion

In recurrent abortion treatment, targeted treatment is required according to the specific causes. Antichen plates such as aspirin with small doses, anticoagulants such as low molecular heparin, and even immunosuppressants such as cycloin.Doctors use the minimum and effective dose. Only by using these drugs can you reduce the occurrence of bad pregnancy.

If you have experienced a painful pregnancy, you must go to the hospital to take a serious examination, find out the cause, and actively treat it.Daily balancing diet, maintaining comfortable mood, moderate exercise, quitting of smoking limit alcohol.

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Wang Hong, deputy chief physician of gynecology, member of the Jining Reproductive Medical Committee, has been engaged in gynecological and reproductive clinics for more than 20 years.

Reproduce abortion, successful fetal protection!

The 29 -year -old Ms. Zhao (pseudonym) repeatedly miscarriage due to physical reasons. After trying a test tube frozen embryo transplantation, she naturally miscarriage at 7 weeks of pregnancy.

The treatment effect of many hospitals was not obvious. After being introduced by people, she came to Yankuang New Milestone General Hospital reproductive clinic. Director Wang Hong had a comprehensive examination for Ms. Zhao and conducted a second test tube on the basis of physical care.

After the second frozen embryo transplantation, Director Wang Hong gave the drug for tire preservation, and there were no symptoms such as vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain in the early stages of pregnancy.Throughout pregnancy, she kept in touch with Ms. Zhao, always paying attention to the reaction during pregnancy, and finally produced smoothly!

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1. Familiar with the diagnosis and treatment of endocrine disorders such as ovulation obstacles, polycystic ovary syndrome, ovarian dysfunction, non -ruined follicle lutein syndrome;

2. Familiar with the diagnosis and treatment of immune -related recurrent pregnancy related to immune -related recurrence of anti -phospholipid syndrome, unlimized connective tissue disease, drying syndrome.

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