What should I do if my face is allergic and swollen and itchy?4 methods to achieve self -rescue of summer sensitive muscles

Summer is a test full of tests: sudden changing weather, high temperature and high humidity climate, ultraviolet rays to roast …

Different from the "thick" skin barrier, it can strongly resist the invasion and injury of the skin on the skin. As soon as the sensitive muscle is noticeable, it will have allergic reactions such as redness, swelling, itching, and pain.

How to achieve self -rescue in summer?Today, Xiaoyi talks about the things of sensitive muscle care, so that everyone can be beautiful in summer!

1. Avoid mechanical stimulus

When many friends appear itching in the skin, they can’t help but hold or scratch with both hands.

The skin of sensitive muscles is already very sensitive. This kind of mechanical stimulus is undoubtedly worse, and it is very easy to spread the dust, dirt, bacteria and other dirt on the skin to the surface of the skin, causing multiple infections.

Therefore, for our fragile face, it must be restrained with both hands, and we must not touch the face, let alone scratching!

Second, refuse to exfoliate products

In the hot summer, it is easy to sweat on the face. In order to keep refreshing at all times, many people will choose to use some simple and rude exfoliating products.

I do n’t know that the sensitive muscles are weakly damaged by the stratum corneum. The exfoliating is tantamount to rubbing the face under the feet. It will only make the skin more sensitive, thereby further aggravating the "destroying the face" and mentioning "high sensitivity"!

Third, hard and hard sunscreen

For sensitive muscles, the most ideal summer sun protection is "both hard and hard", which jointly resists ultraviolet attacks.

Soft sunscreen, that is, apply sunscreen.Considering that chemical sunscreen contains some ingredients that can cause skin allergies, so choose a more secure and gentle pure physical sunscreen.

Hard sunscreen, that is, wearing sunglasses, sunscreens, parasols, and other external obstructions to directly block ultraviolet rays.

Fourth, regular work and rest habits

To deal with sensitive muscles, the internal and external combination is required, so in addition to external skin care, the inner physical conditioning is indispensable.

Relevant investigations found that sensitive muscles generally have poor sleep quality, and insufficient sleep will directly affect the skin’s water lock capacity and oil secretion. After a long time, skin problems will naturally come to the door.

From now on, you can develop your early bed and get up early every day. Don’t stay up late. Do not stay up late.

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