What should I do if my mother appears "big and small milk" during breastfeeding?

[Novice Mom] Q:

"After 3 months of breastfeeding, the breasts became bigger and small, there were milk, there were almost no milk, soft, and the gap between the two breasts became more and more obvious.… What can I do, can I improve after weaning? "

[Eridingye Training Teacher] Answer:

"In fact, many women have asymmetric sides of the breasts on both sides, but they are not obvious before pregnancy. After giving birth, the breasts are swollen, and the difference between the two is obvious.

There are also new mothers who use their left hand (right hand) to hold their children, or because they are more labor -saving, they always use one side of the breast to feed.

As a result, there are more and more breasts that are often sucking by babies. The side of the sucking side becomes smaller and smaller. Let’s take a look at how to prevent and improve the size of milk?"


How to prevent big and small milk?

From the beginning of breastfeeding, the new mother has to adopt the correct breastfeeding method -two breasts alternately feed, first feed one side, then feed the other side after eating, and change the program when feeding.

If the baby is full of breasts, the mother will take the breasts on the other side with a breast pump to keep the breasts on both sides symmetrical.


How to improve size milk?

Reason 1:

Mom milk is too pushing to let the baby instinct to avoid

This situation usually starts from 2 or 3 months.

When the mother comes to the milk array, the traffic is large, and the flow speed is fast, which is what we call "milk is too rushing".

Some mothers have different flow verses on both sides. They are rushing on one side and slowing their milk. Some are different because of the breast structure on both sides.

When the milk speed on both sides is different, the baby may not like to be more rushing, because the too much milk will make the baby swallow uncomfortable.

If the baby swallows a short time when eating a somewhere, it is more likely to be milk or hiccups, and even "not good" when eating, the mother should consider whether it is the influence of the milk.


Change a breastfeeding posture that can slow down milk

For example, a semi -lying type can be used, and gravity can be used to effectively alleviate the milk speed and make the baby eat happier.

Specific method of semi -lying type:

Reason 2:

The holding posture on the left and the right is different

When the novice mother tried to hug the child for the first time, it may be more handy on one side, the baby is more comfortable, and the other side does not realize the difference in the posture. The baby lying in his arms can feel the difference, affect the child’s milk or breast milk.posture.

At this time, the baby may not want to eat milk on this side.

If the baby does not have a birth injury, and the flow rate on both sides of the breast milk is not significantly different, but the baby chooses one side, then you must first understand the difference in holding.


Ask your family to "find different" when you feed, and see if there is a difference between the two sides, such as where the baby’s head is in your arm, the degree of fit the body, and so on.

If you can’t find the difference between the left and right sides for the time being, you can also try to change the posture of breastfeeding.

For example, semi -lying, lying on the side.

As long as the baby is in a good mood, you can try a new posture, the best success, the failure is not forced, and stop quickly to prevent repeated attempts from causing the baby’s irritability.

Reason 3:

There are differences in sucking experience on both sides

Sometimes it is comfortable in the breast itself.

If the mother’s breasts have experienced severe blocking milk, mastitis, and lack of milk; or the isolas on one side feel harder, it will make the baby feel that the milk here is "not good", so pick it.

The baby has no birth injury, the flow of the two sides of the breast milk is small, but the baby picks it up. The mother’s breast discomfort experience or is in discomfort. The difference in sucking sensation needs to be considered.


1) Change a breastfeeding posture

It is still a multi -functional semi -lying style. Remember that success is the best. Do n’t force it if you fail. Hurry up and prevent repeated attempts to cause the baby to be irritable.

2) Change the breastfeeding environment

Mother can try to breastfeed in a new environment, such as walking with a baby. If the baby wants to breastfeed, she can sit down and feed.

Or hold the baby to play, let the baby sit on the mother’s thigh and try to feed.

External stimulus will make the baby very excited, and it is likely that TA does not like one side.

3) Feeding confused milk

Some mothers can’t find other appropriate methods for a while, and can only try breastfeeding when the baby is half asleep.It is not impossible to be temporary solutions.

Reminder: Please take the above 2) and 3 as the temporary strategy during the transition stage. Do not feed confused milk for a long time, and you don’t need to change the environment every time for breastfeeding!The baby’s eating is a good start. Slowly guide the baby to eat this milk in various poses in various environments, increase the baby’s approach to the breast on this side, and slowly return to the conventional feeding method.

Reason 4:

Unpleasant experience makes the baby disgusted

There are also some mothers recalling what happened before and after after eating biased milk. It is found that the baby may be because of some unpleasant experiences, or adults have a behavior that makes the baby uncomfortable.Milk.

Don’t think that the baby is not sensible. In fact, the baby is very sensitive to changes in the family’s emotions, so when the mother is happy or anxious, the baby will feel it.


Use a new beautiful experience to help your baby forget

1) Many hugs and love

Babies will not talk to their mother, but TA likes hugs very much.

Many hugs and many intimate contacts are most conducive to relaxing the baby.

2) Change posture and environment

Mother can also change the feeding posture, change the feeding environment, and temporarily feed confused milk. As long as it helps the baby gets "the previous unpleasant situation will not happen to the last time," it feels good. This experience increases.In the future, you can slowly return to normal breastfeeding.

Reminder: Don’t think about how to correct your mind every day. When you eat milk, you can correct it.

3) Give your baby some time

After trying a lot of methods, some mothers simply do not correct them. They are treated gently in any side of the baby. Respect the baby’s wishes. Time and mother’s gentle care can sweep the baby’s unhappiness before, but it needs patience.

Reason 5:

Newborn birth injury caused a preference for one side

This situation is relatively rare, and newborns may have birth injuries during childbirth, such as scalp hematoma, collarbone fractures, etc.These birth injuries may make the baby feel uncomfortable when eating milk on a certain side.

Babies with birth injuries not only drink milk "picking", but also cry when they are hugged and encountered.


Bypassing the birth injury and breastfeeding

For example, the birth injury is on the right side of the baby’s head or shoulder. If the mother is fed with a classic cradle posture, the baby will be very uncomfortable because the right side of the right side and the shoulder touch the mother’s arm, and the baby’s own weight is pressed on these.Site.As shown below:

If the following feeding posture is turned, the child’s right side and shoulders will be more comfortable, and the baby will not refuse to breastfeed here.

If the baby’s resistance and crying will be alleviated after changing a posture, it means that the posture is correct, and you can try more.

Note: The medical part involved in this article is for reading reference only.If there is discomfort, it is recommended to seek medical treatment immediately, and it is subject to offline medical diagnosis and treatment.

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