What should I do if my stomach is uncomfortable in the early stages of pregnancy?4 methods may be effectively alleviated, try it in one try

Women are very hard in the early stages of pregnancy, because there are many symptoms that occur in the early stages of pregnancy. For example, stomach discomfort in early pregnancy is a more common symptom.This situation is mostly caused by factors such as decreased gastrointestinal function and too long gastrointestinal function caused by progesterone stimulation.And treatment.

1. In the early stages of pregnancy, stomach difficulty must start with the diet to start conditioning. In the usual way of eating a small amount of meals, you should eat a small amount of meals and change it 3 times a day to eat 6-8 meals per day.Reduce the burden on the stomach and intestines, speed up the digestion of food in the stomach, and alleviate the symptoms of flatulence.But at the same time, pay attention to not eating too many types of food per meal, nor can you eat too much liquid food, because some liquid foods are not necessarily digestible.

2. In the early stomach of pregnancy, the habit of defecation should be developed when stomach dysentery. In the morning, you should squat to the toilet even if you do n’t have the intention to go to the toilet to discharge the stool in the intestine in time, which will also help relieve symptoms such as bloating and snoring.Secondly, when the symptoms of constipation have occurred at the same time, you should usually pay attention to drinking more warm water and eating more vegetables and fruits high -fiber food to reduce gastrointestinal burden and promote gastrointestinal motility.

3. Although you should pay attention to rest in the early stages of pregnancy, you should also exercise appropriately, because exercise can enhance your physique and promote intestinal peristalsis.There are relatively few exercise that can be done during pregnancy. You can only choose to make more comfortable exercise such as walking, but walking can also promote gastrointestinal motility and alleviate symptoms such as snoring and flatulence.Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant female friends who go out for a walk for about half an hour after dinner.

4. Taking the dietary recipe of Perilla Drink has the function of qi and strengthening the spleen and stomach, and it can also alleviate the symptoms of stomach dystocia in the early stages of pregnancy. When used, you need to prepare an appropriate amount of perilla leaves, add water to the appropriate amount of water, and cook it. After cooking, it is cooked.Just take it while hot.You can also use fresh orange peel to boil water instead of perilla.

In addition to the above method, the stomach dysentery can be used in addition to the above methods, and a small amount of spicy foods or acidic foods can also be taken, which can also stimulate gastrointestinal motility.Secondly, you should try to relax your mental state as much as possible after pregnancy. Do not have too much mental stress, otherwise it will also cause gastrointestinal function to be affected.

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