What should I do if pregnant women are infected?You must seek medical treatment as soon as possible!

Recently, a 37 -week pregnancy pregnant woman

Because of high blood pressure, chest tightness, stay into the obstetric ward

The results of the new coronal virus detection are displayed as positive

Expert discovery

Baby in her belly

There is a serious situation of hypoxia in the palace!

Fortunately because of the timely medical treatment

Eventually mother and child are safe


What are the cases of pregnant women need to seek medical treatment in time?

High risk of hypoxia in the fetus

Ms. Xie has been pregnant for 37 weeks. A few days ago, she entered the obstetrics department of Henan Provincial People’s Hospital due to high blood pressure and chest tightness.The fetal heart rate is up to 188 times.

In order to ensure the safety of pregnant women and fetuses, the medical staff immediately transferred it to the isolation ward to actively control the body temperature to relieve symptoms.

Ms. Xie’s body temperature gradually decreased, but the fetal heart rate was still high, and the fetal heart monitoring response was different.

The normal heart rate range of the fetus is 110 ~ 160 times/min, and the heart rate is abnormal and the fetal movement is reduced, indicating that the fetus may have hypoxia in the palace.For a long time in the palace hypoxia, there will be risk of suffocation in the fetus or after birth!

After negotiating with the family members of the patient and the patients, the treatment team decided to perform surgery of emergency cesarean section, and the mother and child were safe.

Pregnant women need to seek medical treatment in time when these symptoms need to

Chen Rui, deputy chief physician of obstetrics, reminded that after maternal mothers infected with new coronal viruses, if there were no fever and other discomfort symptoms, they could be well monitored at home.If heated, the body temperature is lower than 38.5 ° C, you can drink more water and cool down the physical cooling; the heating body temperature is higher than 38.5 ° C. Anti -fever medicine can be taken in the condition of obeying medical advice.

If you can not completely reduce fever after medication, especially chest pain, chest tightness, dizziness, headache, accompanied by symptoms such as abnormal blood pressure, abnormal fetal movement, vaginal bleeding and other symptoms, you need to go to the hospital for examination in time.

The infected newborn mother breastfeed like this

After Ms. Xie’s baby was born, another problem came: she had not recovered by herself, and she did not know if she could breastfeed her baby.

In this regard, Chen Rui said that breast milk is the best source of nutrition for most babies and can prevent many diseases.And the current research confirms that no new coronal virus is found in her breast milk when it is suspected of or suffering from the new coronary virus.

Therefore, breastfeeding is safe when the mother is infected with the new coronary virus.However, the virus may spread through Bao Ma’s speaking, cough or sneezing.For those who have conditions, it is recommended to squeeze the milk and use a spoon to feed newborns with a spoon.

Before contacting the child or breast pump, Baoma should standardize her hands and wear a mask (completely covering the face) and mask at the same time. Avoid speaking or cough during breast milk feeding.If you have cough or sneezing, change the mask immediately.

After sucking milk, the breast pump should be disinfected.

Chen Rui reminded that given that the new coronary virus infection does not have special and effective antiviral drugs, maternal mothers should pay more attention to prevention, rest and eat well, add more water, vitamins, vegetables, fruitsSeek the help of a doctor in time.

Chen Rui

Deputy Chief Physician, Director of General Mark Asia Specialty.Member of the Youth Branch of the China Early Students Association, member of the Medical Branch of the Henan Medical Association.In 2015, he participated in the China Foreign Division Medical Team and worked in Titunis, Ethiopia-Beijing Hospital.He has been engaged in clinical, scientific research and teaching work for more than ten years, and is good at the standardized diagnosis and treatment of common diseases of obstetrics and gynecology. Sophisticated surgery operations, diagnosis and treatment of peri -risk pregnancy management, diagnosis and treatment of complications of obstetrics, diagnosis and treatment of complications of obstetrics, acute and critical illnesses of obstetrics, and critical illnesses of obstetrics.He has rich experience in treatment.Published a number of professional papers in academic journals at home and abroad.

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