What should I do if pregnant women edema?Teach you 6 small tricks to eliminate edema!Specific mothers have to remember

For women, pregnancy is not only a happy thing, but also a painful thing. Happiness is that you can have a new life. The pain is that the body will feel various discomfort. The most common is the edema of the lower limbs.The lower limb edema will make the action of pregnant women more inconvenient, and it will also make the pregnant woman feel particularly uncomfortable. Therefore, it is necessary to find a suitable method to relieve edema, so that women can easily be a mother.

1. Eat foods rich in high -protein and low -salt

Pregnant women with edema should eat more protein -rich foods, such as poultry meat, seafood, shellfish, eggs, and so on.At the same time, the amount of salt should be reduced, otherwise it will become more serious due to sodium water retention.It can be eaten with light food and thick -flavored vegetables, which can reduce the amount of salt, such as onions, tomatoes, fennel, celery, and so on.

2. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables

Not only among vegetables and fruits are rich in various vitamins and minerals needed by the human body, but also the moisture is also particularly rich, which can play a role in enhancing human resistance and strengthening metabolism. In addition, it also has a good diuretic effect.Reduce the edema of pregnant women.

3. Take a hot bath or soak the hot water feet

Pregnant women who have edema can also reduce edema by taking hot baths every day, because under the stimulation of hot water, the blood circulation of the human body will become smoother, and the edema can be reduced.If you do not have the conditions to take a hot bath every day, you can soak the hot water feet. Massage the edema parts while soaking the hot water feet, which can play a good swelling effect.

4. Give up your feet while sleeping

Edema pregnant women should use a pillow to raise their foot when they sleep, and it is advisable to be higher than the heart. This can return the blood to the heart smoothly and avoid the edema to become more serious.In addition, pregnant women are best to take the left side when sleeping, which can not only provide nutrition to the baby better, but also make the blood circulation smoother.

5. Proper rest

Although exercise has certain benefits for pregnant women, pregnant women who have edema cannot do excessive exercise. Exercise for half an hour to one hour every day. In addition, pay attention to rest. Avoid standing for a long time.Time will rest for a while to avoid aggravating edema due to excessive fatigue.

6. Wear loose clothes and shoes

It is recommended to wear loose clothes and shoes with edema.If wearing tight clothes or tight shoes, it will cause compression to the blood vessels, make the blood flow poorly, and eventually make the edema more serious.It is recommended that pregnant women not be afraid of wearing loose clothes because they will be fat. It is the most important thing during pregnancy.

Kind tips

It is recommended that women do not eat foods that are prone to flatulence or indigestible during pregnancy, such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, fried foods, etc. These foods can easily cause indigestion and bloating, and also aggravate edema.In addition, pregnant women who have symptoms of edema still need to maintain sufficient water intake. If the water intake is insufficient, the metabolic ability will become worse, and the edema will become more serious.above.

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