What should I do if pregnant women have a cold and cough and itchy throat

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Pregnant women are extremely fragile during pregnancy. Especially in the seasonal season, they can catch a cold without paying attention. So what should I do if the pregnant woman coughs her throat and itchy and painful?

We must know that after women are pregnant, due to the decline in physical resistance and immunity, it is extremely vulnerable to problems such as cold, cough, throat and throat.Cold, cough, and itchy and painful throat, which not only plagues the normal life of pregnant women, but also has a certain impact on the fetus in the abdomen.

Pregnant women find that they have symptoms of a cold, cough and throat, and can take the following measures to relieve:

1. When the pregnant woman feels itching and pain at the beginning of a cold, she can rinse with her mouth and throat once every 10 minutes. It can be seen more than 10 times.

2. Pear and rock sugar can also relieve the symptoms of the pregnant woman’s cold and throat. The method is to wash the pear clean, then cut it into slices, add water and rock sugar together, cover it with a lid for a while, and then you can eat pears and drink.Water, drinking pear water frequently can help treat sore throat, you can usually eat pears.

3. Pregnant women can drink a bowl of hot ginger sugar water after a hot bath in the early stages of a cold, and then drill into the quilt and sweat is also a good way to treat a cold.It can be opened after almost the same out.

4. When the pregnant woman’s throat is itchy, the immunity is relatively low. It is necessary to supplement high nutrients, such as chicken soup, bone soup, etc., which can improve the immunity of pregnant women and help relieve the symptoms of sore throat.Drinking chicken soup can reduce the symptoms of nasal congestion and runny nose during colds, and have a good effect on clearing the respiratory virus. Frequent drinking chicken soup can enhance the natural resistance of the human body and prevent the occurrence of colds.

5. Put a metal spoon in boiling water (with the degree of not scalding your hand) and massage on the surface of the palm of the palm. If you feel abnormal somewhere, you will strengthen the massage.After the hot massage for a moment, use a spoon soaked in cold water to stimulate the place.

Those who have a cold or cough can stimulate 5-10 times according to the above method.The cold point of the palm is located at the palm surface of the thumb of the left hand and the index finger (near the tiger’s mouth) and the second joint of the second joint of the right thumb.

How to prevent colds in pregnant women:

For problems such as colds and coughing throat during pregnancy, disease prevention is more important than treating diseases. Women must pay attention to try not to stay for too long in places with poor air environment, keep warm, and eat health care.Ensure enough sleep.

Indoor air pollution damage to pregnant women with poor physical resistance, so it is necessary to ensure the clean and pollution of indoor air.

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