What should I do if progesterone is low in early pregnancy?Maybe these 3 ingredients can effectively supplement progesterone and help you keep your fetus

Since living conditions are better than before, in fact, everyone’s life pressure is greater than before. Because of this, more and more people complain that they are not easy to get pregnant.Many people say that they have not been pregnant for a long time, so those pregnant mothers who have succeeded in pregnancy have particularly valued this child who had been pregnant.Everyone also knows that it is a dangerous period in the early stages of pregnancy. At this time, it is the most difficult time for children and pregnant mothers. At this time, it is also the time when pregnant mothers are most worried about what problems occur.Weltone is too low, and it is not a way to rely on injection of progesterone, but I do n’t know what to do without injection. Today I recommend 3 ingredients with you. Perhaps these 3 kinds of ingredients can effectively supplement progesterone and help pregnant mothers guarantee it.fetal.

First, spinach

Everyone may have a more one -sided cognition of spinach. It is believed that it is a kind of iron -rich vegetable that can help pregnant mothers improve anemia. Because it is vegetables, the moisture contained in it is also richBecause of this, it can improve constipation during pregnancy.But everyone does not know. In fact, spinach is rich in folic acid and progesterone. Eating spinach often improves the low progesterone in the early stages of pregnancy. In addition, it is supplemented with sufficient folic acid.Dear mothers come to keep their fetuses.

Second, fresh fruit

During pregnancy, because nutritional supplements are more comprehensive and balanced, in addition to eating meat and vegetables, the right amount of fruit is also particularly important, and many fresh fruits are rich in progesterone.Add it, plus many fruits are rich in vitamins, so it is also very good for children’s growth and development, so that it can effectively help pregnant mothers to protect their tires.

Third, soy products

When it comes to the supplement of progesterone, how can there be less soy products?In fact, everyone also knows that soy products are very rich in nutrition, and they are also the most effective food for progesterone.Many pregnant mothers will inject progesterone when progesterone is low, so as to stimulate luteal secretion of progesterone, and some of the nutrients contained in soybean varieties can directly stimulate luteal to produce progesterone. In addition, beans can actually be soybean.The protein content of the product is relatively high, so it is also very good for children’s growth and development.However, everyone should note that we must cooked the beans when eating bean products, otherwise we may have a negative effect.And everyone does not know. In fact, soy products are rich in vitamin B6, which can improve the sleep quality of pregnant mothers. The pregnant mother has a good rest to better absorb nutrients and children can develop better.Tire.

The above three foods can be eaten frequently, especially when the progesterone is low in the early stages of pregnancy, it can help everyone to protect their fetuses.

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