What should I do if the amniotic fluid is broken?

When the pregnancy is getting more and more near 40 weeks, is it a little expectant and a little nervous?IntersectionI look forward to meeting the baby quickly, but I am a little afraid of giving birth to a baby.

Let’s understand in advance, how should I deal with the proper response?

When will the amniotic fluid break?

When the baby is about to be born in the second trimester, the amniotic sac rupture may occur.Water breaks may be launched by the baby himself, or it may be because it is about to be slightly external forces in the late pregnancy.But these are not important. The important thing is that the amniotic fluid is broken, indicating that it is about to produce, and you have to meet your baby.

How to distinguish between amniotic fluid or urine?

In the second trimester of pregnancy, the incontinence of urinary incontinence may also occur due to fetal compression of the bladder.So how do you distinguish the urine or amniotic fluid?Generally, amniotic fluid is clear, without strong taste, and unable to hold it; and urine will have a taste and can hold it.When you are not sure whether it is urine or amniotic fluid, you should seek medical help from a doctor in time.

What does it feel like to break water?

Many Baoma said that there would be a pound of a small balloon when it was broken. Of course, the sound would be lighter and low.Then I felt a warm liquid flowing out of the vagina.

Broken the water how to do?

When the water is found, the pregnant mother should be calm and don’t panic.Immediately notified the husband and family, and immediately contacted the hospital or went to the hospital immediately, because the water breaking stated that it was about to give birth.In addition, we should pay attention to the way to slow the loss of amniotic fluid during the arrival of the hospital, because once the amniotic fluid is lost too much, it may cause the fetal umbilical cord to prolapse, even hypoxia, and inhale fetal manure.

Pregnant mothers can use a pillow to raise the hips to form a low -headed head to slow the loss of amniotic fluid.At the same time, we must pay attention to keep the lower body clean and hygiene to avoid germ infection.

Once you break the water, be calm, don’t panic!Don’t cry, you should save your body, wait for your baby to come!

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