What should I do if the female student is unexpectedly pregnant?

When I was in college, there was a boy in the class. When he was in high school, he had found a girlfriend.In the third year of high school, both of them applied for outer stay and lived together.As long as they go back in the evening, both of them will make up for the get out of class and communicate.

In the summer vacation after the college entrance examination, the girl found that her aunt was postponed for more than a month.After finding a time, after checking with the boy, he found that he was pregnant.After confirming the pregnancy, whether it is a boy or a girl, they chose to kill the children.This is the first time they get pregnant unexpectedly. They removed their children without notify their parents.Entering university, boys and girls are in the same city, different schools.Every weekend, either boys go to girls’ schools, or girls come to boys.Unless the economy is not allowed, their weekends have never been idle.

Going out every weekend to open a house, this is a lot of expenses.The boy pondered it and rented a house next to the girl’s school, but it would be more cost -effective.Since entering the sophomore, boys have rented houses next to girls’ schools.

It is very normal for a long time, and an accident happened again.It didn’t take long before the renting room, the girl once again found that the aunt was postponed.After buying a pregnancy test stick, I found that I was pregnant again.After learning that she was pregnant again, the girl became a little panicked and asked the boys what to do.Facing the panic of girls, the boys are extremely calm, and the reply given again is to remove it.After getting a boy’s reply, the girl’s mood became lower.When a girl removed the child for the first time, the doctor said that it would be a bit difficult if you wanted a child later.The boy was next to him and heard the doctor said.The girl wants the boy to say that if you first marry her, not let her remove it again.But in the end, the girl took the child again.After taking the child twice, they could not take a good rest, and the girl’s body became very false.With a little attention, girls have a headache.And from this time, boys have become more and more patient.

On the eve of graduation at the university, boys broke up unilaterally with girls.At the most beautiful age, girls accompanied the boys, and they paid two huge damage in their bodies, and failed to go to the end.Boys have a beautiful youth, but they have suffered a girl.

To say such a thing is to explain two points.The first point is that girls are pregnant. The biggest injury is girls.Secondly, boys are sometimes ruthless, and they will not remember in their hearts because of your efforts.So, when you are in love, do not let boys take off their pants easily.Otherwise, the consequences must be borne by themselves.When girls accidentally get pregnant while studying, the best way is to inform both parents of both parties.If a boy loves you enough, then he will tell his parents to give you the greatest sense of security.Tell the boy’s parents, so this is very beneficial to girls.Whether it is or not, girls do not have to bear the consequences by themselves.Finally emphasized again, girls must do a good job

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