What should I do if the pregnant mother is on fire and my throat is swollen?##

Fever, as a common symptom, is also a problem that pregnant mothers are very worried.What should I do if the pregnant mother has a fever during pregnancy?

If it is just a temporary and low fever, it will generally not affect the fetus.

What should I do if I have a fever during pregnancy and my throat?

Especially in the early pregnancy, the body temperature of pregnant mothers lasts 24 hours exceeding 38.5 ° C, which will increase the risk of neurotherapy damage to the fetus.Under normal circumstances, rarely the temperature of pregnant mothers will rise so high, and it will not be bold enough to last for so long without treatment.However, the fever of pregnant mothers must find the cause and cannot be simply antipyretic, because certain diseases that cause a fever may cause harm to the fetus.

So how do expectant mothers reduce fever?

If the body temperature does not exceed 38.5 ° C and does not feel obvious discomfort, pregnant mothers can try to use physical cooling.However, if the body temperature exceeds 38.5 ° C, or has obvious symptoms of discomfort, you should go to the hospital in time to find out the cause.

For pregnant mothers, it is necessary to properly take antipyretics.Because excessive body temperature will accelerate the metabolism of pregnant mothers, there will be many discomfort symptoms, such as headache, loss of appetite, general burnout and soreness, palpitations, and even dehydration. At the same time, it will also increase the burden on the heart and lungs of pregnant mothers.As for how to use the medicine to obey the doctor’s guidance, the pregnant mother must not judge the medication by themselves!

The cause of the throat during pregnancy should be caused by the cause of the throat. Under normal circumstances, the throat will not swell and pain. When there is an upper respiratory tract infection, it can cause swelling and pain in the throat.Because in a special period, you should be careful to choose the medication, because after some drug mothers are taken orally, if this drug can pass through the placenta, it will affect the baby;, C and X. Generally, pregnant mothers can use Class A or B drugs, that is, Class A and B drugs have no effect on the baby; sometimes if the disease needs to be used in the disease, the doctor will weigh the pros and cons.Medicine.In addition, there is a relatively large molecular weight of the drug. It is difficult to pass the placenta barrier. After the mother eats it, as long as the placenta barrier cannot be passed, it usually has no impact on the baby.

In short, keep in mind that you must take medicine under the guidance of a doctor during pregnancy, and you cannot do your own claims!

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