What should I do when I get pregnant?Pay more attention to these everyday, don’t worry too much

Some people may think that wearing braces and pregnancy are incomparable, but in fact, the connection between braces and pregnancy is very large.Most of the general adolescents may wear braces early. This is caused by the current dietary structure changes, some incorrect living habits, and genetic reasons.Many adolescents and children have the reasons for uneven teeth. Don’t think that the teeth are not neat, which will only affect the beauty. If the teeth are not neat, it will also affect the teeth of young people and children.

Bringing braces can also improve chewing. To a certain extent, dental caries can be prevented. More importantly, it can make the face more dignified, but the process of orthodontics is very painful.Everyone knows that in fact, wearing braces is to use braces to slowly increase pressure on the teeth to achieve the purpose of making the teeth look neat.Generally speaking, if you want to wear braces for one to two years, and the older you are, the longer you need to bring. Even if it is corrected, you must wear a keeper for a long time.

The biggest problem after bringing braces is the hygiene of the oral cavity, because it is easy to get stuck under the braces pad after wearing braces. If these food residues are not cleared in time, it is easy to cause plaque.

Because pregnant women are during pregnancy, under the action of high estrogen, they will be more sensitive to plaque. If you are not careful, gingivitis, periodontitis, and gum hyperplasia are prone to occur.It is easier to be corroded by acid.If you bring braces during pregnancy, the cleansing of the teeth will be more difficult, so pregnant women are prone to oral infection.

If you find that you are pregnant after wearing braces, you cannot kill your child, because you should respect life, but the braces cannot be removed prematurely. Otherwise, there is no effect.Therefore, if you bring braces during pregnancy, you must brush your toothbrush more thoroughly in daily life, and ensure that you can be brushed in all aspects of your teeth and gums.

If you bring braces during pregnancy, do not eat sweets and some carbonated drinks, so that the damage to the teeth is relatively large.In addition, be sure to eat less texture.If you have any oral problems, you must go to the hospital for examination in time.

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