What should I pay attention to in the early pregnancy?Remember these 8 o’clock, welcome a healthy and cute baby

Pregnancy is very happy, but in the early days of pregnancy, you must take care of all aspects.Because the fetus was just formed in the early pregnancy, it was very sensitive to the external stimulus. A little carelessness may cause abortion or fetal malformations.

1. There is sufficient sleep

Early pregnancy must be guaranteed to have sufficient sleep, so that the fetus can grow and develop normally.If you still stay up late after pregnancy, you can disrupt the biological clock, promote the decrease in growth hormone secretion of fetal growth, make the fetus grow slowly, and at the same time, it will also cause insomnia and headaches due to insufficient sleep.

2. Actively prevent colds

The most afraid of early pregnancy is to get sick, so you must do a good job of cold protection and warmth.Although ordinary colds do not affect fetal development, excessive physical temperature of pregnant women can cause fetal malformations.You cannot go to a densely populated public place in the early pregnancy, and you need to put on a mask when you go out.If you accidentally catch a cold, you need to choose a regular hospital to tell the doctor truthfully, and then use the medication reasonably. You cannot bear it to avoid getting the cold worse.

3. Pay attention to personal hygiene

After pregnancy, metabolism has accelerated, and sebaceous gland secretion increases. Therefore, pay attention to personal hygiene. Try to take a shower once a day to remove dirt on the skin and avoid rough skin.

4. Keep a reasonable diet

Most women often have poor appetite due to early pregnancy reactions. Therefore, a small amount of meals need to be adopted. Each meal only eats 6 to 7 minutes full. Properly supplement trace element protein and vitamins.Balanced nutrition, you cannot eat spicy and irritating food.

5. Keep your mood happy

Excessive nervousness, anxiety, or depression of pregnant women may cause cleft lip, palate or fetal congenital heart development defects. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a happy mood and not be too anxious.

6. Unable to live

Due to early pregnancy reactions, sexual reactions and sexual desires will be suppressed. At this stage, the fetus is in the early stage of development. The connection between the placenta and the uterine wall is not very strong.abortion.Generally, you can live proper sex in the middle of pregnancy, but you should pay attention to gently.

7. Do not perm

After pregnancy, women’s skin becomes extremely sensitive. It cannot be perm or dyed, nor can they be nails, because it will contain certain chemicals, which causes headaches for pregnant women. Chemicals will enter the fetus through the placenta, causing fetal malformations.

8. Can’t use medicine

Try not to take medicine in early pregnancy, especially antibiotics, so as not to cause fetal malformation, miscarriage or death.In addition, anti -allergies and anxiety drugs cannot be used in the early pregnancy, otherwise the fetal death or fetal deformity cannot be used. If the disease must be used because of the disease factors, you need to obey the doctor’s suggestion and not take the medicine by yourself.

Kind tips

Keep a positive and optimistic attitude in the early pregnancy, comprehensively consume nutrition for the body, and avoid picking and partial eclipse.In addition, the bathing time should not be too long, so as not to cause dizziness to fall, especially if you can’t take a bath. Long -term bathing will cause the uterus to be congested, stimulate the uterine contraction, and cause abortion.In addition, try not to apply perfume in the early pregnancy, because there are artificial aromatherapy in the perfume, which will stimulate pregnant women’s respiratory tract, skin and nervous system, leading to dizziness and allergies for pregnant women.

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