What should I replenish in each stage of pregnancy?Give you a list, just do it, just do it

Pregnancy is a special period. Because the body of the expectant mother is responsible for the nutritional supply of the two people, the fetus has been developing. All kinds of nutrients need to be obtained through expectant mothers.Mom has to pay attention to diet since pregnancy and supplement the necessary nutritional elements.

During pregnancy.

Pay attention to supplement folic acid. In addition to taking folic acid tablets, folic acid can also eat more folic acid -rich green leafy vegetables.At the same time, calcium should be supplemented. It is recommended to drink more milk and soy milk, eat meat, vegetables, etc.

Let ’s focus on supplementing nutrition at all stages of pregnancy. In terms of nutritional guidance during pregnancy, the obstetrician and gynecologists give a detailed list.To supplement nutrition.

First, early pregnancy.

In the early pregnancy, it is still in the embryo period. The development of fetal development is mainly the formation of the brain and the body of the body. At this time, it is an important stage for preventing fetal malformations.

1. Nutrition elements and food required for the first month.

First, folic acid is mainly used to prevent fetal malformation and birth defects.Folic acid -rich foods are: spinning, leek, spinach, rapeseed, cooked millet.

Second, lecithin, ensure the normal development of the brain. It is recommended that foods are: egg yolk, soy milk, tofu, fish, black fungus, etc.

Third, vitamin B6 can relieve the tension in the early stages of pregnancy.

Fourth, vitamins are 12th, which affects the development of the nervous system and cell divisions. It is recommended that foods are: milk, meat, eggs, etc.

2. The second month.

First, protein, protein is an indispensable nutrition for pregnant women. It is recommended for food: lean meat, fish, beans.

Second, zinc, ensure the development of the baby’s brain.

Third, iodine is the driving force for the development of the baby. It is recommended: sea fish, seaweed, kelp.

Fourth, sugar is the main source of energy. Recommended foods: grains, potatoes, fruits, sugar.

Fifth, folic acid, promote the development of the nervous system.

3. In the third month.

First, vitamin A can promote growth, and recommend foods: pork liver, sheep liver, chicken liver and other liver.

Second, magnesium can promote the absorption of calcium. It is recommended for food: nuts, green leafy vegetables, pumpkin, melon, etc.Third, DHA can meet the fetal development needs of the fetus, and recommend food: fish.

Fourth, carbohydrates can prevent hypoglycemia of pregnant women, and recommend foods: cereals, potatoes, sugar, pasta, etc.

Fifth, continue to supplement folic acid, and folic acid should be supplemented until three months of pregnancy.

Second, the second trimester (4-7 months).

1. The fourth month.

First, vitamins can help the absorption of minerals. Recommended food: vegetables and fruits.

Second, carotene, can strengthen bones, recommend food: carrots, pumpkin, etc.

Third, fat, fat is the driving force for the rapid growth of the fetus. It is recommended for food: nuts, fat, sesame, egg yolk, etc.

Fourth, iodine can prevent low thyroid function.Recommended food: List above.

2. Fifth month.

First, selenium can protect the cardiovascular of the baby’s baby. Food is recommended: fish, shrimp, sesame, eggs, peanuts, etc.

Second, vitamin C can maintain the function of the body. It is recommended for food: cabbage, rapeseed, broccoli, fresh jujube, grapefruit, orange, etc.

Third, calcium can promote the development of height and bone, and recommend food: dairy products, fish and shrimp, etc.

Fourth, vitamin D can promote the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. It is recommended to expose the sun.

3. Sixth months.

First, iron, prevent anemia, recommended food: animal blood, liver.

Second, vitamin B12, recommended food: animal organs, fish, milk, etc.

Third, dietary fiber can enhance immunity.Recommended food: vegetables and fruits, grain grains, etc.

4. Seventh month.

It is necessary to supplement protein, fat and B vitamins, and it is recommended to list foods.

Protein can prevent malnutrition, while fat prevention is too light. For production reserves, pay attention to drinking water to ensure the full absorption of nutrition, and the B vitamin can promote development.

Third, the third trimester (8-10 months)

It is the fastest stage of fetal baby.

1. In the eighth month, replenish carbohydrates, protein and iron.

2. In the ninth month, calcium, dietary fiber, vitamin B12 need to be supplemented.

3. In the tenth month, zinc, iron, and vitamin B12 need to be supplemented.

It is also recommended for food above.

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