What should pregnant women eat during pregnancy?What are the symptoms of pregnancy drama vomiting and how should pregnant women prevent it?

Pregnancy drama vomiting, pregnant women have symptoms such as dizziness, burnout, choice, loss of appetite, mild nausea and vomiting during early pregnancy.Early pregnancy reactions generally have little impact on life and work. They do not need special treatment, and they naturally disappear naturally around 12 weeks of pregnancy.A small number of pregnant women have serious reactions early, nausea and vomiting frequently, not eating, and affecting their health.

What should I do if I eat in pregnancy drama?

1. Traditional Chinese medicine diseases have a long history of Chinese medicine.As early as the Sui Dynasty, Chao Yuanfang had pointed out in "The Source of Diseases · Evil Waiting", "Women’s Yuan Win, insufficient blood gas, weak kidney qi, and cold drinking."Cold, "phlegm water under the heart" causes disease.In the Song Dynasty, there was a saying that "this is the virtuality of the woman’s originality, and the usual anger is usually angry" in the "Ji Sheng Fang". It is believed that the disease can cause the disease by emotional factors, which is related to the liver.On the basis of this, the doctor of the doctor continued to develop and improve, and gradually formed the theory of "Muwang soil, liver and gallbladder" theory.It is generally believed that the main mechanism of this disease is to rejuvenate and lose the stomach and fall.After pregnancy, the menstrual blood does not diarrhea, the yin and blood gathers the tires, and the breath is strong.The key to this disease depends on the physical factors of pregnant women and the dysfunction of viscera.If the spleen and stomach are weak, liver and stomach discord, phlegm, etc. cause rushing upside down, and the stomach is lost and decreased, it will cause the disease.

2. The cause of the disease of the pathological pregnancy in western medicine is unknown so far, which may be mainly related to the balanced disorders of the internal hormone action mechanism and the mental state.The clinical seeing that the disease is closely related to the level of increased gonadotropin (HCG) in the blood in the blood.But the severity of the symptoms is not necessarily proportional to HCG.The decreased cortex function of the adrenal and the lack of vitamin B6 is also considered to be the cause of the onset.In addition, mental factors have a great relationship with the occurrence of pregnancy drama vomiting, and mental tension can aggravate the condition.

What are the symptoms of pregnancy drama vomiting?

Around 6 weeks of pregnancy, severe nausea and vomiting, dizziness, anorexia, and even eating, or vomiting, or scent, vomiting, dripping, vomit is bile, water, or blood.During the long time, dehydration and metabolic acid poisoning appeared, manifested as weight loss, decreased weight, dry lips and cracked, eye sockets, skin loss of elasticity, decreased urine output, deep breathing, and vinegar flavor.In severe cases, the pulse increases faster, the body temperature rises, and the blood pressure decreases.When the liver and kidney function is affected, luteum and proteinuria may occur.By the bottom of the eyes, the patient’s consciousness is blurred or drowsy.

Seeing physical examination, physical examination is sloppy. In severe cases, blood pressure has decreased, body temperature rises, tills, drowsiness and coma.Gynecological examinations can see that the vaginal wall and cervix are soft, coloring, and the uterine enlargement is consistent with the menopause month, soft and full.

Can pregnancy vomiting be prevented?

1. Maintain the stability and comfort of emotion.

2. The room is as clean, quiet, and comfortable as possible.Avoid stimulation of odor.After vomiting, the vomit should be removed to avoid malignant stimulation, and rinse with warm water to keep the mouth clean.

3. Pay attention to diet hygiene, the nutritional value of diet is slightly higher and easy to digest.You can take less meals.

4. In order to prevent dehydration, the daily liquid intake should be maintained. Usually, you should eat more watermelon, raw pear, sugarcane and other fruits.

5. Those with severe vomiting must rest in bed.

6. Keep the stool unobstructed.

7. Those who vomit more drama can contain 1 piece of ginger in the mouth of the food to achieve the purpose of temporary vomiting.

What should I do if I am vomiting in pregnancy?

1. A small amount of meals: To prevent empty stomachs, you can eat a little biscuits or toast between the two meals or when you want to vomit.

2. Eating vitamin B6: Vitamin B6 has the effect of proper prevention and treatment.

3. Pay attention to diet 4. Avoid contact with the smell of oil fume, or eat fried, greasy, heavy or spicy food.

5. Rest appropriately

6. More rest and sleep are conducive to adjusting the body’s condition.

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