What signs of the body shows that you are pregnant?What should I pay attention to in the early pregnancy?

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When will the cute baby come to you?

After doing full pre -pregnancy preparation, the pregnant moms need to do; just wait for the arrival of good pregnancy!What signs will there be in the early stages of pregnancy?What should I pay attention to during the period when I was pregnant?Avoid affecting the development of fetal baby?Follow the editor to learn about it!

5 details tell you about pregnancy!

❤ Details 1: Auntie did not report

The most obvious phenomenon after pregnancy is to discontinue menstruation.Doctors said that if a woman with sexual life has not come more than 7 days after the date of menstruation, they can buy a test stick for testing first. If the result is positive, you can go to the hospital for further diagnosis.

❤ Details 2: Large appetite changes

A major appetite is also one of the symptoms of early pregnancy. For example, the appetite suddenly deteriorated after menstruation, or it will be disgusting when you smell some kind of taste. You may suddenly want to eat something. The most common is sour food.The changes in these flavors may be a sign of pregnancy.

❤ Details 3: The breast has pain in pain

Generally speaking, women will become more solid and heavy in the early stages of pregnancy, and they will have a fullness and tingling sensation. The surrounding areola small particles will also look particularly prominent.

❤ Details 4: I can’t sleep enough

Many women will have drowsiness in the early stages of pregnancy. This is caused by changes in progesterone. It will make women feel mental fatigue and always feel tired. They do n’t sleep enough.

❤ details 5: increased vaginal secretions

Due to the impact of fertilized eggs and increased hormones, the vaginal secretions of women in early pregnancy often increase.Normal vaginal secretions are tasteless milk white mucus. If the color of the secretion is dim or with hemorrhage, you should seek medical treatment in time.

5 major precautions in the early pregnancy

1. Light diet

Due to the impact of hormones in the early pregnancy, many mummy’s eating habits will change.At this time, you can eat some light, digestible foods, such as vitamin rich fruits and vegetables, milk and eggs, etc., and eat less meals at the same time.

2. Careful medication

In the early stages of pregnancy, it is an important period for baby development, so expectant mummy should pay special attention when taking medicine, avoiding the problem of deformed development in the fetus from blind medication.In the case of the case that must be used, it is necessary to consult a doctor and take medication under the guidance of the doctor.

3. Avoid the same room

At this time, the fetal development is still in a relatively fragile period. Therefore, the prospective mother and prospective dad should restrain it. Do not have the same room to avoid causing the abortion of the fetus.You can wait until a relatively stable pregnancy in the same room.

4. Relax

In the early pregnancy, expectant mothers should not be too careful, and keep in a comfortable mood.Some moms may be irritable and uneasy due to problems such as pregnancy. At this time, you can choose to listen to light music, or find a quiet place to rest.

As a prospective father, you must also learn to appease, care for the prospective mummy, and keep the expectant mummy with a happy and happy mood.

5. Quit smoking and drinking

Whether it is preparing for pregnancy or early pregnancy, it is necessary to quit smoking and alcohol, because smoking or alcohol will increase the chance of fetal congenital deformity, premature birth and abortion.

Staying in a polluted environment such as "second -hand smoke" will also cause a lot of harm to prospective moms and fetuses. Therefore, it is recommended that prospective dads must quit smoking early, or stay away from expectant mummy when smoking.

Bringing a baby is a happy and happy process. After pregnancy, expectant mothers should not forget to go to the hospital for pregnancy and do a good job of pregnancy after they are pregnant.

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