What sleeping position during pregnancy is the most comfortable?Not to sleep on the left, many pregnant mothers do wrong, have you stepped on the thunder?

The doctor suggested that the expectant mothers during pregnancy should be at least 8 hours in bed every night, and 7 hours of them are sleeping.

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Good sleep gives you a day’s energy, but the expectant mummy of pregnancy is always difficult to sleep well.Not only the burden on the body is heavier day by day, and mothers are often anxious about the upcoming delivery.

I can’t sleep in the bed every night, and I feel uncomfortable no matter what posture is adopted. Is this your portrayal of late night?

The most comfortable sleeping position during pregnancy is actually not sleeping on the left, and many pregnant mothers have done wrong.Moms don’t step on the thunder again. Only by finding a sleeping position that suits you can you ensure sufficient high -quality sleep and keep your vitality during the day.

These common physiological changes during pregnancy make mothers crazy during the day. In night sleep, it is a weapon that disturb people’s hearts. See how many of them have been hit?

◆ I can’t sleep well frequently

Frequent urination is not a patent in the third trimester. Moms in early pregnancy are affected by the elevation of progesterone, and they will also have more frequent urination.

In addition, changes in hormones can also cause the bladder to relax, coupled with increasingly increasing bladder, these factors together lead to frequent urination of pregnant mothers, and they need to get up to urinate every 1 to 2 hours. It is really impossible to sleep well.

◆ Gastrointestinal discomfort

From early pregnancy to before childbirth, the uterus of expectant mothers has increased by nearly 20 times, and the weight has increased from 50g to about 1000g.

The increasing uterine compression, pregnant mothers often feel gastric acid reflux.

There are also many pregnant mothers who have suffered a pregnancy reaction since the early pregnancy and gastrointestinal discomfort at night, which will directly affect the sleep of pregnant mothers.

◆ Heat, itchy

After pregnancy, the blood circulation in the expectant mother’s body increases by about 40%, and the basic metabolism and heart rate will increase.

This directly causes mothers to produce more heat in their bodies, better heating in winter, or often warm and dry in air -conditioned rooms, causing mothers to feel itching and discomfort and affect sleep.

It is too difficult to sleep well. It was originally affected by various external factors. If the mothers did not find the right sleeping position, it would be difficult to sleep well.

① Early pregnancy: Before 12 weeks of pregnancy, the expectant mother’s uterus has not protruded from the pelvis. As long as the stomach does not need to press the stomach during this period, the baby will not be oppressed. ThereforeIt’s okay.

② In the middle of pregnancy: If you lie flat during this period, some pregnant mothers may find that the baby’s fetal movement is enhanced, as if protesting.In this case, it is recommended that mothers choose to sleep on the side, and the left and right are all possible.

③In third trimester: The fetal treasure during this period is very large. Continue lying flat may compress the cavity vein and affect the blood flow of the whole body of the pregnant mother. Therefore, it is recommended to take a side sleep., Pregnant mother’s comfort.

In addition to the sleeping position, mothers can do so in order to sleep peacefully during pregnancy.

1. Diet and exercise

Eat less and eat more during pregnancy, and take more vegetables and fruits rich in dietary fiber, promote gastrointestinal motility, and alleviate gastrointestinal discomfort.

Sour fruits, such as lemon, orange, orange, and can alleviate pregnancy.

Cereals and nuts are magnesium -rich foods. Proper supplements can help prevent the problems of leg cramps during pregnancy.

During the day, exercise properly, walk before bedtime, or do a pregnant woman yoga, which can make night sleep more sweetly.

2. Proper massage

Caculture in the third trimester is a key factor that affects the rest of the pregnant mother. Properly massaging the calf muscles can play a certain relief.

Moms can sit on the bed, flatten their legs, let the prospective father help massage muscles, or move your toes inward to exercise the muscles of the calf.

▼ Stretching the calf genoscope: Facing the wall, stretching out your hands and holding the wall; put your right foot to the rear of the left foot, bend your left leg to touch the wall, while keeping your right leg straight;Foot position, repeat action.

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