What soup does a pregnant woman drink for nutrition?Six soups help your baby grow up healthy

It is when pregnant women need nutrition. Only pregnant women have sufficient nutrition, and the baby in the belly can draw sufficient nutrients and healthy growth. So what soup should you usually cook and what soup should you drink to replenish your body?

1. Chicken leg and tomato soup

Put the chicken legs in boiling water for a few minutes and remove them, cut it into pieces, and put the washed and cut tomatoes, carrots, soybean sprouts, Chinese cabbage, onions and cut chicken legs in the pot, and then add an appropriate amount of waterAfter cooking, cook for another 2 hours.This soup can supplement a large amount of vitamins and protein, which can effectively alleviate the mother’s loss of appetite in the early stages of pregnancy.

2, yam tomato tofu soup

Ingredients: tomatoes, tofu, salt, chicken essence, shallots, blended oil.Method: Cut the tofu, and the eggs are scratched into the bowl.Hot oil, put in the egg liquid, spread it into a round egg skin, and get out of the pan.Peel the yam, cut the tomato, cut the onion, cut the egg skin and cut thin strips.Put in an appropriate amount of water, then add salt, continue to flip, and boil.Add tofu and egg skin, cover it with a high heat, and finally sprinkle with green onions to enjoy it.

3, red dates lily Tremella

Ingredients: Tremella 15g, 20g of lilies, 30g of red dates, 50g of rock sugar, 10g of wolfberry.Method: Tremella in advance, wash and set aside.Lily soaked overnight, soaked with cold water with cold water.Pour the Tremella in the sand pot, add an appropriate amount of cold water, cook on high heat and turn over low heat and simmer for 20 minutes.Pour in Lily and stew for 10 minutes.Then add red dates and stew for 30 minutes.Finally, add rock sugar and wolfberry to cook for about 5 minutes to enjoy it.

4. Kelp pork ribs soup

Put the cut ribs into the boiling water pot and blanch the blood, and then put the dry and soaked dry kelp, peanuts, and pork ribs in a pot with an appropriate amount of water, boil over high heatJust an hour.This soup can play a role in promoting fetal growth and development. Moms can drink more.

5. Lotus root peanut pork rib soup

Put the ribs into the boiling water and scald the blood, cut the washed lotus root, add the washed peanuts, oyster stains, red dates and cut lotus roots, ribs, and then add an appropriate amount of water to boilThen turn to low heat for 2 hours.This soup is rich in nutrition and is also suitable for pregnant women.

6. Royal Shishi Doufield Chicken Soup

Put the cut field chicken and lean meat in boiling water for a few minutes and remove the blood stains, and then put the soaked tension, coriander, red bean and field chicken, add the lean meat together and boil it in an appropriate amount of water.Cook the fire for 2 hours.This soup has the effect of replenishing virtual water, which has a very good effect for expectant mothers who have a little edema in the middle and late stages.

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