What soup should pregnant women soup during pregnancy to nourish

Every mother wants to give birth to a healthy and smart baby. This is the greatest wish of every pregnant woman. Therefore, drinking more nutritious soup during pregnancy, nourishing the body, the scientific choice is suitableThe food that you eat will absorb more nutrition that you need and your baby, and it will be more conducive to your baby’s healthy development, because pregnancy is a very special period for women during pregnancy. The absorption of nutrition should be particularly strengthened. Because the baby needsAll nutrition comes from the mother’s body, and at this time, the mother has to lay a good foundation for the baby’s granary and make a good reserve, so you must drink more nutritious soup for nourishing.

Pregnant women’s soup, what soup should I drink during pregnancy to nourish

The first, carrot and corn pork rib soup.Materials: 500 grams of ribs, one carrot, two corn, one piece of ginger, salt, cooking wine, and monosodium glutamate.Method: First of all, cut the ribs and fly water, but the corn should be spare, and the ginger is shot and set aside.Put all the prepared materials in the casserole, add an appropriate amount of water for boiling, and turn it into low heat after boiling the water for about an hour and a half.Pork ribs have the effect of moisturizing blood and nourishing blood, can provide pregnant women with the necessary high -quality protein, fat, and provide the calcium needed for the body to maintain a large amount of calcium required for pregnancy.Corn contains a large amount of vitamins and tobaccoic acid, which can promote the intestinal function of pregnant women well, accelerate defecation, and prevent pregnant women from constipation.

The second, steamed carp soup.Material: one carp, ginger in an appropriate amount.Method: First of all, we must remove the carp and clean up all the internal organs. After steaming the carp through the water, add an appropriate amount of water to cook after steaming, add some ginger to remove the fishy smell of the carp, add one before eatingSeason with a little salt to drink.Because women who are just pregnant will have gastric acid reflux, doctors generally recommend not to eat too greasy things, and choose some foods that are easier to digest and have high nutritional value for consumption, because carp and catfish are high nutritional content, fat fat, fat fatSeveral flat fish species with less content have a good fetal effect, and it has a good effect of alleviating vomiting while eating hot.

Third, clear beef soup.Materials: burdock 12, 2 tablets of ginger, 1 tablespoon of rice wine.Method: First of all, wash all the ingredients with water, and the ginger should be taken for later use.1. Prepare a pot of boiling water, roll the burdock and pick it up.2. Add all the ingredients to a casserole, add an appropriate amount of water for boiling. After the water is boiled, turn it on low heat and boil for three hours. After the burdock is cooked, add an appropriate amount of salt for seasoning.The most important thing during pregnancy is to prevent iron deficiency anemia in pregnant women, so it is very critical to supplement iron, and the iron content in beef is very rich. Edible beef can supplement more iron for the mother and baby, and give the baby a strong muscles and bones and bones.The role of helping pregnant women with edema in the late stages of pregnant women is a very good ingredient.

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