What to do if constipation during pregnancy, outsiders don’t tell you 7 small tricks

After pregnancy, sickness vomiting, back pain, and back pain. Hemorrhoid constipation is the inevitable pain of pregnant women.Most pregnant women have the problem of rising belly and constipation during pregnancy and even after delivery.So why do pregnant women and mothers constipation and how to deal with it?

Why is the woman who is pregnant?

A variety of discomforts during pregnancy have a lot to do with hormones. The changes in hormones make the digestive process slower, and food stays in the stomach for too long, so as to absorb more applications to meet the needs of fetus and pregnant women.If the pregnant mother is in poor stomach, it will often cause constipation.Constipation can cause another trouble, that is hemorrhoids.

There are many reasons that affect constipation during pregnancy, hormones are just one of them.Lack of exercise, high pressure during pregnancy, and diet will cause constipation during pregnancy.

Preventing constipation during pregnancy, pregnant mothers can try these seven tricks

1. Yogurt

Yogurt is a good food that allows the stomach to be unobstructed. Yogurt is rich in intestinal probiotics, which can stimulate intestinal peristalsis and speed up the digestion.

2. Fan -rich foods

Cereals, yogurt, linen seeds are rich in dietary fiber, which can quickly alleviate gastrointestinal discomfort and enhance gastrointestinal digestion.These fibrous foods are called soluble substances.Remember to use linen seeds every day without more than 50 grams.

3. Rough grain, whole wheat food

Before pregnancy, I love to eat horn and bread, but it is best to eat whole wheat bread after pregnancy, because whole wheat contains richer fiber, making mothers digest better and easier to absorb.

4, dried fruit

If the digestion is not good and the appetite is not good.Mothers can eat some raisins, jujube, figs, these dried fruits can not only appetite, but also promote intestinal digestion and alleviate constipation.

5. Vegetables and fruits

In addition to dried fruits, fruits and vegetables are the best foods for improving intestinal digestive capabilities.Fresh fruits are essential for healthy intestines and perfect digestive systems.You can eat more blueberries, fresh dates, apples, oranges and green leafy vegetables during pregnancy.

6. Drink plenty of water

It is critical to drink enough water every day. In addition to the normal diet, we have to add about one liter a day.Drinking a large cup of warm water every morning is conducive to promoting intestinal peristalsis and more smooth bowel movements.

7. Exercise

Make sure to continue for 20 minutes a day to make the bowel more smooth.Swimming and walking are a good way to constipation during pregnancy.

Note that the pregnant mother must not take laxatives during pregnancy, it is best to improve it by diet.

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