What to do if the cat is pregnant!Watch "Cat Pregnancy Manual"

The day when I took it home, I thought: when will it have its own child.Go home today,

Oops!She is pregnant!Sisters, don’t prepare a little bit like me.Read this pregnancy manual, give your cat, the best care.

How to judge that it is pregnant

1. It’s easy to coquettish.

2. Observe whether you are pregnant.

3. See if the cat’s nipple becomes larger.About 35 days of pregnancy, they often turn bright pink.It may become larger, and it may secrete milk white liquid.

4. Pay attention to the body of the cat.The pregnant female cat looks a bit down from the side and her belly is round.

5. Observe the nest building.Specific mothers will produce small nests for kittens.

/ Five of them are right?/ /

Congratulations, you are a middle cat

Come and see the precautions of cats during pregnancy!

"Precautions for cat pregnancy"

First, two weeks

You don’t need to add nutrition, just eat normally.

Don’t let the female cat continue to run at home, and appropriately restrict the scope of action.After ten days of pregnancy, the mother cat will gradually appear symptoms of pregnancy: Mimi becomes red and powder becomes larger.<Some female cats will still vomit, but there are fewer>

// ps:

In addition, if you have feeding insects before pregnancy, you can continue to feed bone and flesh before pregnancy.If you forget to repeat, it is best to stop the flesh.

Third, four -day (20 days to 30 days)

Basically, you can determine whether the female cat is pregnant, remember to isolate her and the male cat.<Some little monsters will also be estrus during pregnancy. If the male cat stepped on, it will cause abortion>

The diet also comes according to usual, don’t deliberately supplement nutrition.Some cats have a large head due to bone reasons.

The fifth week (almost forty days)

If the signs of the female cat’s pregnancy are not obvious, they can take her to do B -ultrasound.(The pet hospital is almost 100 yuan)

ps: Remember!You cannot do X -rays at this time.

Sixth and seventh weeks (50 days)

The female cat is almost obvious.At this time, the scope of her activities must be strictly limited.<Condition can close the cage>

You can start buying a essential for female cats when producing!

1. diapers: Since the cage I use is a cage, the size of XL diapers is right.

2. Plague: Choose plastic models for easy cleaning and disinfection;

3. Ear -washing ball: The minimum is only available, only 5 yuan, free shipping;

4. Xiaotongcao: Cat’s catfish Tongcao Decoction;

5. Setting tools: iodophor, surgical line, gauze, surgical scissors, hemostatic pliers and the like.

6. Large delivery room: The cage is definitely not enough when the kitten grows up.

7. New bowls and water mouth: Just pick what you like.

8. Kitchen scales: High precision.

9. Milk powder, bottle, etc.

Eighth and nine weeks (60 days)

At this time, you can take the female cat to take a X -ray.

<X -ray can tell you how many kittens are there, so you will not be busy when you are born>


Remember to let the doctor help the female cat shave the hair by the way, including the fart and all the abdomen, which is convenient for the mother cat to clean up after the delivery.

In addition, the mother cat can be placed in the delivery room to be familiar with the environment. After all, some proud and petite princesses suddenly change the environment and are unhappy.

Finally, after 60 days, she can help the female cat to cook some catfish soup, so that she can drink it in advance, so as not to not have enough milk.

After nine weeks (it is almost born)

After 63 days, pay attention to the changes in the behavior of the female cat.Before production, the female cat will look anxious and turn around.


Storage of your preparing for the reactance tools in advance, do not rush around in a hurry.

She was with her when she produced.

Preparation before delivery:

1. All scissors, hematopo tongs, and surgical lines need to be disinfected, just use alcohol

2. The ear washing ball is used to suck the amniotic fluid in the cat’s mouth, and you can also use a baby nasal washing device;

3. A pot of 49 degrees warm water is used to restore the temperature of the coma. Some kittens may appear in a coma of the birth canal. At this time, the umbilical cord should be processed quickly and put it in warm water to massage the heart for rescue.Preparing for psychological preparations, this situation is not high.

4. Put a lot of diapers, dirty and dirty.The environment must be clean

Baby Scale-(24inch)