What to do with back pain?Scientific rehabilitation helps you quickly solve

Back pain in daily life is the fate that every adult can’t escape.

As long as you often sit/stand for a long time/bend over or have experienced pregnancy/production/parenting, you must know the taste of back pain than others.

Each attack makes you stunned and unable to settle down, which seriously affects the quality of work/study/life. At the age of 20 to 30, he has a waist of 70 or 80 years old. This is too tortured!IntersectionIntersection

If you are also such a "sub -healthy man", you have accumulated various strains and pressures for a long time, obviously uncomfortable but don’t know how to relieve it.

The following is a detailed introduction, how is the scientific professional rehabilitation institution helping you quickly solve daily lumbar and back pain and discomfort ~~

Most of the special rehabilitation institutions have implemented an appointment system.

As long as you make an appointment in advance, you will provide you with one -to -one VIP exclusive service, no need to wait ~

In fact, the vast majority of people have a little waist and back problems: some people stand for a long time, bend over/hump/Erlang legs, etc. Because of their fertility, lumbar spine and pelvic stability decrease …

Don’t worry, professional physical therapists will consult "one -to -one" to inquire about your situation and draw key parts that need to be conditioned.

After the preliminary evaluation is completed, we will start our highlight.The trilogy of the back of the waist, each step has the international big -name black technology appearance, which will definitely make you worth it!

① American SIGMA pulse therapy instrument -preliminary relaxation

The first step is to treat precision probes of the treatment instrument to accurately check the muscle tense state & joint activity of each section of the spine.

Which muscle is tight, and which spine joint is abnormal, all at a glance!Not only let you realize your own problems, but also make rehabilitation conditioning more scientific and secure.

Next, the therapist will help you relax your tense and stiff waist. This unprecedented comfort will definitely make you want to stop!

② IASTM fascia knife -deep loosening

In the second step, the therapist will use fascia soft tissue loosening technology to help you deeply release the rigid muscles and sticky fascia on the back of the waist.

PS: The therapist will also consult your feelings to adjust your strength ~

The pressure of long -term accumulation in the body and nowhere to release is scraped away by the therapist!

Fascia knife deeply relieves

③ Swiss COMPEX neuromuscular electrical stimulation -restoration

The third step is to stimulate the blood circulation program through Compex neuromuscular electrical electrical electrical electrical electrostasis, which can improve the rejuvenation of the back of the waist, remove inflammation, accelerate recovery and reduce pain and discomfort.And you only need to quietly feel the unconscious contraction of the waist and back muscles. The relaxation of up to 20 minutes is enough to make the fatigue sweep out!

④ Self -rehabilitation guidance

The whole set of processes came down for 50 minutes, but it’s not over here.Because of the relationship between long -standing sitting for a long time and bad posture, most people have certain waist and back problems, causing pain and discomfort. The therapist will tell you how to protect it.

Then, make suggestions for home training for your health issues to prevent pain prevention again. Is it very intimate?

*Home training guidance varies from person to person

Make sure you finish this package, it must be full!

This relaxing supporting plan is very suitable for friends with soreness of daily waist and back.If you see here, itchy and unsatisfactory experience, then find a special rehabilitation treatment institution around you ~~

Follow me to avoid scattering and avoid more than 90%of the health risks of daily life!And there are often egg benefits ~

Finally, please take care of yourself ~~

Bless you!

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