What to eat during pregnancy is healthier to the mother and fetus

Many expectant mothers know that when they are pregnant, their diet is a very important part. During the entire pregnancy, the development of fetus and the various nutrients needed by the daily needs of pregnant mothers need to be taken by diet.So what should pregnant women eat during pregnancy?Let ’s follow the editor to find out what foods should women eat during pregnancy.

Fresh green leafy vegetables

Especially dark green vegetables, such as western blue flowers, rapeseed, spinach, etc., have rich folic acid content, helping pregnant mothers to supplement a certain amount of natural folic acid to prevent the baby’s neural tube malformation.Secondly, the dietary fiber content in vegetables is rich in dietary fiber. Eating more fiber for pregnant mothers can help improve constipation and accelerate gastrointestinal motility. Pregnant mothers can pay attention to seasonal fruits and vegetables in the season and eat more seasonal ingredients.


For mothers who have no lactose tolerance, eating more milk products during pregnancy, or a daily glass of milk is very conducive to the healthy development of the body and fetus.It contains a variety of trace amounts of minerals, amino acids, etc., which can meet the body’s intake of other trace nutritional ingredients.

Coarse grain nut

Eat less refined rice or noodles, and eat some coarse grains appropriately.Because rough grains such as corn and millet contain more vitamin B and protein than rice and noodles.Because of its high -quality unsaturated fatty acids, it also has the effects of antioxidant and brain -healthy puzzle. It is like rich food fiber like coarse grains, which can help reduce the body’s blood sugar value.

Fruit containing vitamins

Vitamin C in fruits is high, such as pears, citrus, apples, bananas, strawberries, grapes, oranges, grapefruit, virgin fruit, cherry, etc.However, it should be noted that pregnant women are best to choose low sugar -containing fruits.In addition, you need to pay attention to hygiene before eating fruit. You must wash the skin before eating fruit to avoid bringing the parasitic eggs to the fruit, so as not to adversely affect the baby.

Pregnancy was originally a happy thing, but the pregnant mother who was eating must be a test. The fetus and mother during pregnancy are closely linked. Therefore, the diet of expectant mothers must not only consider their preferences, but also take care of the children in the belly.EssenceIt is hoped that pregnant mothers can satisfy the taste buds throughout pregnancy and eat healthy.I really understand the baby, you know the baby better!

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