What will happen in the end when drinking coffee for a long time?Reminder: This is this kind of coffee that is good to the body

"Coffee beans can cause cancer during the process of high -temperature roasting!"

"After drinking coffee heartbeat, it will accelerate, proper cardiovascular killer!"

"Drinking more coffee will be addicted, just like smoking and drinking!"

… …

In the question of whether drinking coffee is good for health, some people say that coffee is good in refreshing and preventing cardiovascular diseases. Others think that coffee is not healthy at all, and it may cause cancer and addiction to the heart bad.

So, is drinking coffee good or harmful to health?

In order to stimulate the aroma of coffee, it is generally needed to bake it at high temperatures at 160 ° C ~ 250 ° C. During this process, a certain amount of acrylamide may produce a certain amount of acrylamide.The acrylamide is listed by the WHO as a 2A carcinogen, that is, animal experiments indicate that there is certain carcinogenicity, but it may only have carcinogenic effects on the human body in theory without real evidence.In other words, there is no exact evidence to prove that acrylamide has a carcinogenic effect on humans, and it is necessary to hold the correct mentality.

In addition, whether coffee will bring obvious cancer risk, a study involving 300,000 people in the "International Popular Lessi" also answered this.Researchers incorporated more than 46,000 patients with malignant tumors and nearly 7,000 patients who died of cancer in British Biological Banks, and had selected more than 270,000 healthy people for control.

According to analysis, the amount of coffee intake is not related to the occurrence of cancer and death.For those who love coffee, you don’t need to worry too much.

Wang Jing, chief physician of the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine of Fuwai Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, pointed out that drinking coffee does not cause chronic hypertension, but it may cause an excessive blood pressure to rise.

Because the main ingredients in the coffee contain caffeine, the substance will activate the catecholamine system after entering the body, which will cause vascular tension to be activated, increase the peripheral resistance of the vascular, and then cause blood pressure to rise.At the same time, coffee may also increase the output of the heart to a certain extent, which can also induce an excessive blood pressure increase.Therefore, patients with hypertension are recommended to drink less or not.

In fact, coffee will not only cause chronic hypertension, but it may also bring some benefits to health.

The School of Public Health at the University of Harvard has published a study. The researchers analyzed 1.27 million samples and found that coffee intake was related to the risk of cardiovascular disease such as coronary heart disease, stroke, and heart failure.Among them, a daily drinking of 3 to 5 cups (about 450-750ml) has the lowest risk of cardiovascular disease.

Coincidentally, a large -scale tracking survey of overseas showed that age> 65 -year -old people often drink tea and coffee, and compared to those who do not drink tea or coffee, the risk of suffering from dementia has decreased by 37%and 20%, respectively.EssenceIn this regard, researchers analyzed that the caffeine can excite the nerve center and keep the thinking clearly.

Therefore, for most people, drinking coffee in moderation may bring some benefits to the body.

Although coffee can bring a lot of benefits to health, it is not suitable for everyone. These types of people advise you not to drink.

First, people who suffer from osteoporosis themselves may accelerate the loss of calcium in the body and lead to worsening the condition.I really want to drink, you can choose to add milk latte for daily drinking;

The second is people with obvious discomfort after drinking coffee. If nausea, vomiting and other symptoms have symptoms, it is best not to drink coffee;

The third is that pregnant women should control the intake of coffee, and remain below 200 mg daily.Of course, the best way is to follow the doctor’s advice to avoid affecting fetal development due to drinking coffee.

It should be noted that the coffee mentioned above is pure coffee instead of adding too much additive coffee.

A recent research published on Nutrients has strongly criticized quick -soluble coffee. Researchers from Xi’an Jiaotong University collected health information of over 500,000 people in the sample library of British Biological Bank, and according to the subject of the subject of coffeeInvestigation, coffee types, etc. were investigated, and the effects of coffee intake and quick -soluble coffee intake on the length of the telomere.

It was found that drinking one more cup of quick -soluble coffee every day will shorten the telomeres of the human body by 0.38 years to promote the occurrence and progress of the disease.Therefore, it is recommended to drink pure coffee in daily drinking coffee, try to drink less or not to dissolve coffee.

In addition, daily drinking coffee also needs to pay attention to the right amount. Some people may cause symptoms such as insomnia, irritability, tension, and digestive tract discomfort after excessive coffee.In terms of intake, data in the data in the "Chinese Residents’ Dietary Coffee level and its risk assessment report" pointed out that 60kg people consume about 969g liquid coffee per day.It is about 3 cups of about 3 cups (calculated at 360 ml).

Coffee has become a "continuing artifact" for many office workers, but although coffee is good, you must also pay attention to controlling the amount of intake. Do not blindly drink it!

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