What will happen in the first month of pregnancy?If there are 7 kinds of performance, it may be pregnant

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My girlfriend has some anxiety these days, because the menstruation has not come for almost 10 days, so I asked me if I might be pregnant, and I dare not buy test strips.

In fact, early pregnancy response is relatively subtle, but sensitive people can still feel a little bit.

If you want to do a preliminary test by yourself, you can compare according to the symptoms of early pregnancy.Of course, the most accurate is the pregnancy test or go to the hospital for examination.

Everyone knows that whether women themselves or doctors, they may not be able to judge the accurate time of pregnancy, so tradition is calculated based on the first day of women’s last menstruation.

Below we are based on this timeline to take a look at the first month of pregnancy, what happened in the first 4 weeks?Week 1 of pregnancy:

This time was calculated from the first day of the last menstruation. That is to say, at this time, women were experiencing a menstrual period, less than 4 days, as many as 7 days.Week 2 of pregnancy:

Everyone knows that there will be a period of ovulation in the middle of the two menstruation, so by the end of the second weekend, the body may be ovulation and move towards the fallopian tube, waiting for the arrival of sperm and combine it.

Week 3 of pregnancy:

Due to the combination of essence, the fertilized eggs were formed, and when he was implanting in the uterus, he would begin to differentiate during this period.Week 4:

At this time, three embryos are formed. In the future, they will be differentiated into various systems. At this stage, if urine tests are tested, they can test whether they are pregnant.

In other words, because the first week of pregnancy is during menstruation, most people will not know that they will be pregnant next month.

The first week after the combination of fertilized eggs can be really called the first week of successful conception. At this time, the combination of fertilized eggs began to form fertilized eggs, and bed and differentiation in the uterus.

Although this is a huge change for the uterus, expectant mothers have little feeling.

If you want to find a pregnancy, you have to wait until about 5 weeks of pregnancy. At this time, if the expectant mother is more sensitive, you will perceive the early pregnancy reactions to varying degrees.

1) Little abdominal pain, lumbar acid, similar to dysmenorrhea

Generally, if you are pregnant, the expectant mothers will feel like menstruation during this time, slight pain in the lower abdomen, and accompanied by backache.

2) Miserable fatigue and drowsiness

Because early pregnancy reactions can make people feel fatigue and a little scared, they are often misunderstood as colds.

If you are pregnant for a while, do not take cold medicine easily, especially women who are preparing for pregnancy, you must first check whether you are pregnant.

3) Sensitive smell and changes in appetite

Some women suddenly become very sensitive to the smell after pregnancy. Maybe others have not smelled any odor, but you can feel it.

Moreover, expectant mothers may also have the phenomenon of taste changes. The most common thing is that they suddenly like to eat acid.

4) Breast pain

The symptoms of pregnancy and menstruation are very similar. There will be a feeling of breast tenderness and discomfort, and it will hurt when touched.If you are preparing for pregnancy, you may wish to test it.

5) Frequent urination or constipation

If you suddenly find that you have frequent urination, love to go to the toilet, and some constipation, it may also be a early pregnancy reaction, because the uterine increase will compress the bladder and rectum.

6) Nausea, vomiting

After pregnancy, women are not only sensitive to odor, but sometimes they just smell a taste and even vomit.

Moreover, this symptoms mostly get up in the morning to brush their teeth, or when the lunch feels hungry.

7) Increased secretions

After pregnancy, due to the rise in body hormones, the secretions will increase, which is a relatively obvious change.

No need to worry too much, just pay attention to the sanitation, change the underwear frequently.

1) Start learning the knowledge of pregnancy

It is necessary to count how the whole pregnancy and the growth of the fetus.

In order to lift the psychological burden as much as possible, pregnant women should start learning the knowledge of pregnancy to enhance the confidence in defeating the pregnancy response and production.

Of course, at the same time, family members, especially husbands, should try to create a comfortable environment for pregnant women and relieve her various ideological concerns.

2) Pay attention to diet

Due to the reaction of early pregnancy, the appetite of expectant mothers will decrease, so the diet should pay attention to the color and fragrance.

In addition, try to eat less and eat as much as possible, eat according to your own taste. In addition, drink more water, eat more foods rich in vitamin B1 and cellulose, and alleviate constipation.

3) Appropriate exercise

Although nausea and vomiting in the early stages of pregnancy, susceptible fatigue, need to rest, do not bed all day, otherwise the early pregnancy reaction will become more and more serious.

At this time, some gentle activities should be performed appropriately, such as pregnant women’s yoga, pregnant women’s health exercises, or walking outdoors.

4) Don’t overwork

If it is only a mild pregnancy reaction, it does not affect normal life and work, but also pay attention to avoid overwork.

If the pregnancy response is relatively heavy, you should take a break to reduce unnecessary consumption.

Of course, early pregnancy reactions will only last for a period of time, and it will slowly disappear and gradually adapt until entering the second trimester.Therefore, the most important thing is to maintain a happy mentality, which can also alleviate the discomfort to a certain extent.

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