What will happen to people who eat a piece of vitamin C every day?Doctor: Take safely, remember 3 o’clock

The doctor found that some people on the Internet advocated that "eating vitamin C tablets every day", and the more you eat, the better the body is, which makes the doctor a little disgusted.In addition, some patients often question the doctor:

"How do you give me a vitamin C tablet for only two or three dollars? There are dozens of pieces of vitamin C tablets bought outside"?

The doctor decided to make it clear to everyone at one time, how to take vitamin C tablets safely, remembering three points is important.

To put it simply, vitamin C tablets are chewing tablets for the solidification of vitamin C. The main purpose is to supplement vitamin C for the body. This vitamin is the essential vitamin of the human body.The formation of folic acid and amino acid has also been greatly helpful, it can also promote the absorption of non -iron hemantan, and it also helps blood vessels.

Therefore, there is no special mysterious veil of vitamin C tablets, but it is a tonic drug for vitamin C extracted. There is no need to be too sought after.

In fact, supplementing vitamin C is indeed very helpful for the body.

1. Can prevent sepsis.A long time ago, going to sea was a very dangerous thing, because most crew members would have sepsis (also called scammine), and the mortality rate was very high. The reason was that it could not be supplemented by vitamin C.

You know, at least one month can be drifted in a boat to return to the sea before returning. Then the fruits and vegetables you bring are not stored in the refrigerator, and many vitamins will be lost. The deficiency of vitamin C will cause sepsis.The emergence of sepsis.

2. It can prevent gum atrophy and bleeding.People with lack of vitamin C often have symptoms of gum atrophy. Gingival atrophy can cause gum bleeding because our gums are soft tissues. Once we lack protein, calcium, and vitamin C, soft tissue atrophy will be induced.Proper supplementation of vitamin C is very helpful to prevent gum atrophy.

3. Anti -oxidant.Vitamin C assumes the responsibility of antioxidant in the body, and can act as antioxidants, because vitamin C can neutralize, prevent excessive generation of free radicals, and oxidize the body, tissue, and organs of the body.For example, vitamin A, E, and unsaturated fatty acids, so to some extent, vitamin C has anti -aging effects.

4. Can treat anemia problems.The important role of vitamin C in the body is that it is to promote the reduction of three -valent iron reduction into two -valent iron salt. This is much better than the three -valent iron absorption, which fully supplements the ingredients required for hematopoietic.In addition, vitamin C can also promote the use of liver’s utilization efficiency and further help hematopoiesis.

5. Can improve people’s immunity.Vitamin C exists in a large number of white blood cells, and white blood cells are the most important and most comprehensive immune cells in the human body. When the body is infected with certain diseases, the leukocyte displacement can help eliminate the disease.Human immunity and resistance will deteriorate.

Therefore, it is good for vitamin C to supplement vitamin C, but all this has the prerequisite, that is, the patient does have the deficiency of vitamin C.

If the patient does not lack vitamins at all, you are still supplemented with vitamin C, which will cause trouble.

First, it will stimulate the gastrointestinal tract.When the body intakes the excessive amount of vitamin C, it will cause the problem of vitamin C poisoning. It mainly manifests as severe gastrointestinal reactions such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abnormal gastrointestinal motility, etc.Crimination.

Secondly, it will cause stone disease.Vitamin C can antagonize the excretion of oxalic acid. Therefore, long -term excessive vitamin C will cause excretion of oxalic acid in urine. A large amount of oxalic acid can cause stones. It is more common as kidney stones, urinary tract stones, and bladder stones. Patients will have pain, and patients with urinary pain.Endless expression.

Again, there will be allergies.Generally speaking, we will not cause allergies to small doses of vitamin C, but some people will have allergic reactions to excessive vitamin C. The vitamin C content in the body reaches to a certain extent. Skin redness, itching, breathing difficulty, difficultyThe manifestation of urinary bleeding is a bit dangerous.

Finally, the body will cause yellowing.The color of vitamin C is yellow. If you have more vitamin C in your body and it is difficult to metabolize, then vitamin C will cause yellow urine yellow, yellow skin, and sclera yellow. Please pay attention not to panic.

Therefore, doctors oppose "blind daily supplement of vitamin C". Generally, as long as we eat normally, it is unlikely to lack vitamin C, unless you are older or sick.

The benefits and disadvantages of taking vitamin C have told everyone, so I will tell you three points now.

1. Do not take a large dose at one time.Vitamin C is actually a relatively safe supplement. Generally speaking, it will not lead to danger of life, but large doses of large doses in the short term will cause the body to bear the difficulty of metabolic, which will cause the problem of diarrhea, gastrointestinal dysfunction, and arrhythmia.So do not add more than 3000mg of vitamin C at one time.

Chinese residents’ dietary guidelines suggest that adults in my country supplement vitamin C daily for about 100 mg. If patients with serious lack of vitamin C, they cannot exceed 1000mg of safety lines.

2. Not everyone can take it.Vitamin C is good, but not everyone can eat it. Even if the following people lack vitamin C, they must be taken with caution, such as gout patients, diabetic patients, alpheric patients, cysteine urine patients, and local poverty -stricken patients must beBe cautious, it is best to take drugs under the supervision and guidance of the doctor to avoid accidents.

3. Contraindications between drugs need to be paid attention to.Vitamin C has taboos in the existence of drugs, especially with some drugs that cannot be taken together. Otherwise, it will not only cause the drug to fail, but also cause serious complications: vitamin.It is best not to take a variety of vitamins at the same time, such as vitamin B1, vitamin B12, vitamin K1, etc., vitamin C and these vitamin connection may cause metabolic function disorders and cause liver and kidney damage. ThereforeThe interval is at least 2 hours.Antibacterial drugs.For example, metronidazole, erythromycin, chloramphenicol, etc., vitamin C may react with these drugs, which has a adverse effect on the health of patients.Acid -base drug.Aspirin and sodium bicarbonate are not suitable for reaction to vitamin C, because they will neutralize each other, resulting in poor efficacy.

All in all, the use and taboos of vitamin C are basically finished. I hope that everyone will not be stumped by vitamin C in the future, nor will they blindly pursue vitamin C blindly.

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