What will the twin women get pregnant?Jiangxi’s "Double Mother" created a miracle

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Although the probability of human organs is not high, it is regarded as a very scary thing by everyone. When each mother has children, they will pray that their children will not have less fingers and less toes, but if there is something in the body, there is something in the body.What will happen?Some deformities can be seen from the shape, but some deformities exist inside the body, and they will not be found without the inspection of the instrument.

A mother in Jiangxi is deformity, and she is not common for her deformity, because she has one uterus.The twin uterus is one of the variety of reproductive tract malformations. Its probability of incidence is not high. There is only one of 10,000 women. Since it is a deformity, there will be different characteristics from ordinary people.The menstruation is relatively large, and it is likely to have irregular menstruation, and it is easy to have dysmenorrhea.

Because many women only know that they are twin -uterus when they are pregnant, they may miss the time of correction surgery.In general, the twin uterus brings more pain to women. If it can be found early, it can actually help the uterus to restore normal function through surgery.If it has not been treated and the two uterus also has fertility, it can also be given normally, but it needs to pay more attention to more than other pregnant women during pregnancy.

However, the mother of Jiangxi was very powerful and successfully gave birth to a pair of twins through her two uterus, and the two children lived in different uterus. This case was also very rare in the world.Because the twin uterus is not easy.

Generally speaking, because the possibility of twin women’s pregnancy is lower than that of ordinary women, the psychological pressure of twin women is greater than others and the probability of miscarriage is greater.In order to learn about the children’s survival in the uterus, they need to accept more production inspections than ordinary pregnant women, and each examination needs to communicate more and more detailed with the doctor, because the probability of fetal positions and premature birth is also greater.

After careful fetal protection, the twin women cannot choose a caesarean section or a smooth delivery like ordinary women during childbirth.They can only have children through a caesarean section. They are different from ordinary women, because the twin uterus women have two uterus, which is highly likely that her two uterus is smaller than ordinary women’s uterus.The "T" knife mouth will be adopted.

And it is even more difficult to use the twin babies with two uterus in Jiangxi mother. Even the probability of their twins is very low.More sex.Therefore, this Jiangxi mother is a combination of countless small probability events from pregnancy, to fetal protection, and production. It can be called a "miracle" that can be called not easy to give birth to twins.

After giving birth, the recovery of twin women will be slower.But I believe that this mother in Jiangxi is also very happy. The twin uterus is not suitable for pregnancy and children, and it is not easy to get pregnant and have children.How hard and great we are in order to successfully give birth to their babies.

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