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When girls are pregnant, some are unexpected injuries and cannot be avoided. Some are errors caused by their light ignorance.At this time, rebuke is not the best way to repair the injured youth. How to properly handle the termination of pregnancy and reduce the damage to the minimum is the top priority.

1. The sign of pregnancy

Menstruation stops.The girls who may have just arrived in the early tide are not regular, but if the menstruation has been regular, the days when they should not come, and there is too much sexual contact with the opposite sex.It should be vigilant.Secondly, the breasts become larger in a short time, and a little later will have frequent urination and increased body temperature.Symptoms such as nausea and vomiting oil may only appear three to five months after pregnancy.

2. Inspection method

If you have any doubt, don’t be afraid, you can test it yourself.Use early pregnancy test strips to buy at a regular pharmacy, which is a urine -like examination, so there is no need to worry.The accuracy of test strips is relatively high, but it is not foolproof, so you need to go to the hospital for testing.Go to the hospital for examination is also urinary sample testing and type B ultrasonic examination, rest assured that there will be no harm.

3. Psychological preparation

Relax and relax.Don’t panic, don’t be afraid.This is not a disease. Pregnancy is actually a physiological phenomenon, but it is not appropriate to happen.Therefore, you have to choose a medical academic term called termination of pregnancy.With us, it is called abortion.

First of all, the mood must be calm.Don’t hide alone.Seek the help you trust the most.It is recommended to find a mother. Although this incident will make her difficult, the mother is the most reliable friend. First of all, she loves you the most. Second, she is an adult. She knows how to deal with it correctly to minimize the damage.If it’s really difficult, find your best friend, let her go to her mother or elder, and indirectly help you.

Secondly, be brave.No matter what, this happened. If it is from accidental damage, it is just a small setback on your life. You should face it bravely and positive.Things are waiting for you, isn’t it? If it is your own fault, then it is the ability everyone should have the wrong person. Besides, if you know the mistake, you can change it, or a good girl.Moreover, only by choosing a miscarriage can the damage that sex can be brought to the minimum.

4. Abortion preparation

If the B ultrasonic check was not performed before, it was necessary to check at this time.It is mainly determined whether it is normal pregnancy and internal pregnancy.If it is an ectopic pregnancy, the usual abortion method cannot be used, and hospitalization is needed.Although the probability of ectopic pregnancy is small.

There are currently two types of abortion adopted by hospitals in my country, with abortion and artificial abortion.Drugs and centers are appropriate to be done within 7 weeks of pregnancy, and artificial abortion is appropriate within 10 weeks.If you are determined to be pregnant, you must start preparing for miscarriage.First of all, relax.Because at this time, psychological health is as important as physical health.Pay attention to keep warm and not catch a cold. If you have a cold symptom, you can seek medical treatment in time, and you cannot have a miscarriage during a cold.The day before going to the hospital, take a hot bath, ready to replace the underwear, sanitary napkins, etc.

What kind of miscarriage should be used to consult a doctor, because everyone’s physical condition is not the same.Both will cause certain damage to the body, but there is no wound. As long as you do well in the later period, you can quickly recover your health.Drug abortion must take medicine under the guidance of a doctor.Do not eat in the morning when abortion.Remember, you must choose a regular hospital and professional doctor.

5. After abortion

Stay in bed for about a week. Within a month, avoid cold and spicy foods, avoid cold water. It is best to wash or not wash your hair. After washing, use the warm wind of the hair dryer to dry your hair.Can’t take a bath.Eat more nutritious foods.It is important to keep in touch with the doctor. If there is an abnormal phenomenon, it will immediately report to the doctor.Keep a peaceful mentality.

6. Precautions

Take emergency contraceptives within 72 hours after sexual behavior can also avoid pregnancy.However, contraceptives will also cause certain damage to the body, such as endocrine disorders and poor mood.However, the above is a post -horse cannon, which is the way to reduce damage after pregnancy.How to protect your body is the best strategy.There are two main cases of middle school students. One is external damage, and the other is their own fault.To avoid foreign damage, we should pay attention not to go alone alone. If you go home by a car, it is best to call your family to get off the place or go downstairs.If you find suspicious people to follow, go to a lot of people, and seek help.Don’t be alone with the unfamiliar heterosexual.

Avoid your own faults, what to do, no need to say that everyone knows.They are all old -fashioned issues, but I still want to say that doing things that are not appropriate in the unsuitable time are harmful.Dear girl, care for yourself, cherish yourself, this is your right, and it is also your inconspicuous responsibility.(Www.zuimeimami.com)

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