What’s the matter with "red pregnancy"?Talk about those things that bleed during pregnancy

Pregnant women will encounter many problems during pregnancy, and bleeding is one of the most common situations.Facing bleeding during pregnancy, every pregnant mother will worry about whether the baby is dangerous, and even scared the six gods.So what are the most common causes of vaginal bleeding during pregnancy? What are the characteristics? Here we will tell pregnant mothers.

Before 12 weeks of pregnancy, it is called early pregnancy. Bleeding is the most common. The possible causes are: various types of abortion, fetal stopping, ectopic pregnancy, hydatal pregnancy and cervical lesions, vaginal inflammation, and so on.

The stimulus, also known as "busting" or "fetal stain", refers to the early pregnancy, a small amount of vaginal bleeding in pregnant women per month. Generally, no abdominal pain is accompanied by symptoms.Generally, there is no need to treat, and often with the growth and development of the fetus.

In early pregnancy, vaginal bleeding is required. The B -ultrasound is required to help diagnose whether it is intrauterine pregnancy and understand its development.

The amount of bleeding is small. After rest and tire protection, bleeding stops, and the ultrasound indicates that the fetus survives. There is no major problem.If the amount of vaginal bleeding is mostly bright red, it is excreted with large blood clots, or accompanied by obvious lower abdomen pain, it may be difficult to avoid abortion, which is called inevitable abortion.All pregnancy is completely aborted. If it is not completely discharged, it is an incomplete abortion. It may also cause major bleeding, and even a shock.

The amount of vaginal hemorrhage of the fetus varies from person to person to more or less. The B -ultrasound indicates that the fetus is in poor development, and the blood HCG examination does not rise and fall. It is a tire stopping. The abortion is inevitable.

Early ectopic pregnancy does not necessarily have symptoms. It may only be manifested as a small amount of vaginal bleeding, or even a little bit. Generally, it will not exceed menstrual flow. It can help understand whether the embryo is in the uterus.It is necessary to highly suspect that the ectopic pregnancy is, but some of the cases are that the embryo in the palace is too small, and the B -ultrasound cannot be seen. This may take a period of time to do B -ultrasound.The vaginal bleeding of the vagina of ectopic pregnancy may not be much, but it is often accompanied by a large amount of abdominal bleeding, severe abdominal pain, and seriously threatening the life of pregnant women. Do not take it lightly.

Porttal fetus, as the name suggests, is not a normal embryo that pregnant women are pregnant, but the shape of grape -like blisters in the shape of a skewers.The abortion of hydatidies is generally 2-3 months after the amenorrhea.Bleeding is mostly intermittent and a small amount of bleeding, but some will repeatedly bleed repeatedly.Generally speaking, the premature pregnancy response of people with hydatidum is obvious. Monitoring of embryo development through B -ultrasound can help diagnosis.

In addition to bleeding related to pregnancy, cervical lesions are also worthy of our attention. Common cervicitis, cervical polyps, and cervical cancer.This type of bleeding generally does not feel uncomfortable with lower abdominal pain.Cervical cancer screening can be done simply to do a simple cervical TCT examination.During her pregnancy, the famous movie star Li Yuanyuan bleed repeatedly during pregnancy. After giving birth, it was discovered that cervical cancer was found. Soon cancer seized this flower life. This is a blood lesson. We must learn from this.

Vaginal bleeding during pregnancy can also be caused by vaginitis, cervical mucosal fibroids and other diseases.It is usually manifested as a small amount of irregular vaginal hemorrhage or bloody secretions. It is easy to occur after vaginal examination or sexual intercourse, without abdominal pain. After 2 to 3 days, it stops by itself.

The main feature of the front placenta is that the painless vaginal bleeding in the late pregnancy is painless, and there is often no cause of inducement.The first bleeding is generally not much, and most of them are bleeding, but occasionally see major bleeding.The morning and evening of vaginal bleeding, the number of repeated attacks, and the amount of bleeding are related to the type of the front placenta.Complete front placenta bleeds about 28 weeks of pregnancy, and occasionally occasionally occurs at 20 weeks of pregnancy, with frequent number of times and a large amount.The first placenta bleeding on the edge of the edge occurred late, and even bleeding was even when it was caused by giving birth, and the amount was less.The bleeding of partial pre -placenta is between the two.The front placenta is greater in danger to both mother and child, and improper treatment directly endangers the life of the mother and children. Therefore, if there is painless vaginal bleeding in the late pregnancy, you should immediately go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment.

Most of the placental peeling occur after 28 weeks of pregnancy, and 50%occur before giving birth. It is often urgent and develops rapidly. If it is not treated in time, it can threaten the mother and child life.Early peeling of placenta can be divided into light and heavy type; light placenta early stripping is more common in the childbirth period. It is often mainly based on blood bleeding, that is, vaginal bleeding, and abdominal pain is mild or abdominal pain.After the uterine cavity or placenta, the onset of the disease is relatively sudden. There are continuous severe abdominal pain, accompanied by nausea and vomiting, conscious dizziness, pale complexion, cold sweat, cold limbs, and even syncope.

For 28 weeks of pregnancy, a small amount of vaginal bleeding occurs at less than 37 weeks, or abdominal pain and water breaking, accompanied by irregular or regular contractions, and causes a sense of falling. The belly is obviously hardened. These are signs of premature birth.After 37 weeks of pregnancy, it is a full -term. At this time, a small amount of vaginal bleeding is a sign of before childbirth. It is the "redness" we often say. Just wait for normal procedures.

Vaginal bleeding during pregnancy must attract attention, and a little bleeding cannot be ignored.The causes and conditions of bleeding during pregnancy vary from person to person, and the degree of danger is different.It is difficult to judge that it belongs to that of the situation according to the color and amount of bleeding, and it is difficult to be serious.After bleeding, in order to be cautious, don’t judge yourself. It is very important to go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment in time.

During pregnancy, vaginal bleeding occurs at night, and no other symptoms such as abdominal pain are not accompanied by abdominal pain. You can observe the bleeding condition first. If there is a small amount of bleeding, brown or brown, or a small amount of blood wire in the leucorrhea, or a small amount of bleeding after the intercourse, then there are a small amount of bleeding, then there are a small amount of bleeding, then there are a small amount of bleeding, then there are a small amount of bleeding, then there are a small amount of bleeding, then there are a small amount of bleeding, then there are a small amount of bleeding, then there are a small amount of bleeding, then there are a small amount of bleeding, then there are a small amount of bleeding, then there are a small amount of bleeding, then there are a small amount of bleeding.You can rest quietly, pay attention to observation, and wait for the morning to go to the hospital in the morning.

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