What’s the matter with cervicitis?Most people are for these 4 reasons

Cervicitis is a very common gynecological genital inflammation.However, many women do not know what is going on with cervicitis? It is recommended that everyone must have a deep understanding of the causes of cervicitis, and then pay attention to avoiding these factors when they usually avoid these factors.Detailed explanation of the reason.

What is the cause of cervicitis? The cause of cervicitis induced:

1. Flowing surgery is too frequent

Some women in life do not do a good job of contraceptive work, so it is very easy to cause accidental pregnancy. At this timeOnce the damage, the body’s resistance will also decrease.

At this time, the bacteria of "hovering" will take advantage of the outside world.Bacterial infection cervix causes cervicitis.Therefore, I hope young women must take contraceptive measures.

2. There are foreign objects in the vagina

For various reasons, if there are gauze, cotton balls or other foreign objects in the vagina for a long time, this is also particularly easy to cause infection and easily induce acute cervicitis.Therefore, I hope that every woman must pay special attention to hygiene in daily life, and regularly clean the vulva. If you find that your vaginal problems, you must see a doctor in time.

Third, abuse of drugs

Pay attention to cleaning, but what happened to cervicitis?

Many women blindly listen to advertising and washing healthier. They often use cleaning solution to clean the vagina. This will cause damage to the balance of the flora in women’s body. It will also cause endocrine disorders and induce cervicitis.

Fourth, unclean or premature sex life

And young girls are puzzled. What is going on with cervicitis at a young age?

Nowadays, young women’s sexual concepts are becoming more and more open. Many women have many personalized partners before they get married. This is not a good thing.The occurrence of cervicitis.

What is the problem of cervicitis? From the introduction of the article above, we know that there are four main causes of cervicitis. I hope that every woman must keep these common sense in my heart, and in life, we must learn to avoid these factors in life.In this way, the chance of suffering from cervicitis will be much smaller to ensure good health.

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