When I am pregnant, I encounter a 40 ° high temperature day, like jumping on the survival red line

Everyone, recently refreshed the weather temperature by the temperature in various places, uh!It is a 40 ° survival red line crazy. When you want to walk out of the air -conditioned house to the road during the day, you need not only the courage of Li Jingru, but also the confidence of not afraid of burns.At this time, the most terrible thing in the world is that Rong Yan tie your villain, but "turn off your air conditioner".

The Bao Ma group joked that there was another reason that affects fertility -because sperm is not resistant to high temperature.

Joy is joking, but the matter that affects fertility may be true. After all, when you think of the hot sky, you have to move like a penguin with a big belly.For the health of myself and the fetal treasure, we must not lie down flat. If you think, you feel tired, breathless, and sweat.

Complaints and complaints, as the pregnant mother of ordinary people’s homes, they can’t migrate to live like migratory birds -find a warm place in winter, and find a cool place in summer.Therefore, the basic knowledge of the heatstroke prevention and cooling of pregnant mothers must be prepared.

Use the air conditioner correctly

Air conditioning, at the beginning of the birth, the reputation was not very good, and even the label of "air conditioning disease" was hit: blowing air conditioner can headaches, dizziness, and easy to catch a fever and runny nose … To admit that the initial cooling heat -making method and the air conditioner’s initialThe operating conditions will inevitably cause such problems, because it needs to be used in a closed environment, which will reduce the water in the air to make the air dry. If people stay in such an environment for a long time: the air that does not circulate will cause low and hypoxic air to cause low and hypoxiaThe headache and dizziness, dry air causes respiratory tract problems, etc. These will inevitably become uncomfortable states, plus power consumption.It does violate the concept of frugality in our traditional culture, and people must follow the concept of climate change to life in the four seasons.However, after so many years of technology development, it is no longer the first. Whether it is the air circulation system or energy saving, it has improved well. For pregnant mothers, there is no need to talk about "air conditioning color change".It should not be restricted by the so -called "air conditioning disease" to restrict the freedom of coolness in the high temperature day, but:

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1. Adjust the air conditioner out of the air outlet, do not blow to people.

2. Every 2 to 3 hours, open the window to ventilate for 10 ~ 15 minutes.

3. Regularly clean the air conditioner. There are various air conditioners on the Internet, which is simple and easy to use.

4. Use the air humidifier to keep the indoor air a certain humidity.

5. Do not pursue cool enough, 27 ° and 28 ° are also comfortable for the human body.

6. In the air -conditioned room, don’t forget to drink water and keep enough drinking water. It is not advisable to control water drinking in order to not want to go to the toilet frequently.

Putting and comfortable clothes

After pregnancy, many pregnant mothers count the cost of raising baby in the future, coupled with the traditional diligence and virtue, thinking about the pregnancy time is only 10 months.Close clothes together.What I want to say here is that it is not exaggerated. Although it is also clothes. If the materials are different, the comfort is very different. Some are non -breathable sweat, and some are obviously breathable and sweat.

In fact, it is not necessary to meet this requirement.It is recommended here that in addition to the traditional cotton and hemps that have been well known, bamboo cotton and bamboo linen are also excellent. I once accidentally saw someone in the mother’s group of summer home clothes made of bamboo cotton.29.9 Free shipping, the biggest feeling after wearing is comfort ★★★★★, not exaggerated, the life experience has been greatly improved.

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Popular knowledge science:

Bamboo fiber is a bamboo farm fiber. It is a tough fiber obtained from the bamboo stems. It uses a natural fiber to combine with mechanical physical scores, chemical or biological dehydration, and pine combination to combine the separation of bamboo materials.

Bamboo fiber is fine and porous, with strong adsorption ability, can eliminate odors, prevent moisturizing and mildew, antibacterial deworming, and contact with the body can absorb and sweat.

And bamboo cotton is made of bamboo fiber and cotton mixed, which is a mixed -race, combined with each other’s strengths.

1. Bamboo cotton is a bamboo fiber, which is a recycled fiber. Relatively speaking, the hygroscopic permeability is better and more sweat -absorbing. The clothes made of bamboo cotton are better than cotton.

2. It is better than the oil anti -pollution of cotton and is easy to clean.The antibacterial ability is also better, and it has natural antibacterial, mites -proof, and deodorant characteristics.

Relatively clean and refreshing living environment

Jujing is naturally cool, which is true.It is not necessary for the courtyard, luxury house Daping, rockery spring water and high -end equipment.It is also a kind of cooling method to clean up and clean the home. "Home is used for living."The strange hoarding product cannot be disconnected, and there is no clear boundary for necessities and non -essential products.

But if you improve your concept of simple life and persist, you will find that you can not only improve the quality of life, the wallet can also become thicker, and the troubles will become less.

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The end of the end: The good news is that in many places, it has slowly opened the model of the 伏. After this period of time, we will welcome us to be full of autumn and refreshing and fruits.

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