When I received the offer of the new company, I found that I was pregnant, how should I choose?

I agree with the point of view of most people that when I am pregnant, I should go to work because of salary and medical insurance. The company cannot dismiss you. At least it can guarantee the basic expenses and medical security of the entire pregnancy.

But … if you just receive the offer of the new company during your change of job, you happen to find that you are pregnant during a physical examination?What choice do you make?

When I received an offer, there was one week after the time I joined the job, and I was tangled for a full week.

In this week, I asked all my trustworthy family and friends

Some say, go to work.After the probation period, I will tell the employment company that they cannot dismiss you.

Some said, do n’t go. After the probation period, tell the employment company that you are pregnant, what do you think of you.

In fact, when I asked them, I had decided myself, and I just wanted to hear most people agree with my suggestions.In this matter, my decision is not going.Most of the reasons are because I think this …. Incentive.This is concealed, this is deception, and I can’t pass the hurdle in my heart.

Shuangxi Linmen is a good thing.Finding an ideal job, while happy, is going to upgrade as a mother at the same time, this is a happy thing, really happy.But everything is natural, and it is peaceful, don’t avoid any avoidance.Although work is very important, the child is a gift given to us by God. A living life, how can you say that you do n’t want it.Although this child did not follow my plan, since it came, this is the fate between you and must cherish it.Whether it is the first or second child, I prefer to leave the child, even if I lose this job, it is worth it.In the short term, I might feel it is a pity. I finally found a job that I like, because I asked the child to lose this job opportunity, but we have to take a long -term vision and distinguish the priority, and you know how to decide.

And I believe that work can prove my strength through hard work, because gold will glow wherever they are.Entering a new working environment, we must reflect the value of the company in the company. Its professional, ability, attitude and other qualities are matched with the post, and they identify with the company’s corporate culture.This can make the leader decide that it is not wrong to recruit themselves.After the work ability and work attitude are recognized by the leader, the latter maternity leave can allow the leader to give the holiday at ease.In fact, even if I have no pregnancy, I also need to work carefully to improve my ability.If you want to develop better than others in the workplace, you either have a strong or explicit family background, or a tall education background, or … if there is no these, you must rely on your own efforts.Only the labor, energy, and time that pays much more than others can have the opportunity to harvest more than others.

To explain the current reality to the leaders, inform the leader that he is pregnant, clearly states that his attitude towards this job apologize to the leader, that he does not know during the interview, and he also has a plan to give birth.Just beyond your expectations.But after this confession, there is only one result, that is, you lose this job opportunity, but I do not regret it or complain.At least, maybe there will be a chance to enter this company to study and work after the production.

The more you can’t get calm, the more calm you need to be calm. Only when you calm down can you know what you want and what should you want.Don’t conclude on your work and your child’s issues early. Think about everything. As long as you do your best, you wo n’t regret it. Are you right?Ask your heart, although this child is a bit suddenly, but all have come. Are you currently struggling for children or work?If you want your child, you may have no job, and to work means that you have to have the opportunity to hurt this innocent life. Yu Xin can’t bear it.This kind of thing is useless to be tangled. It can only face it frankly. No matter what the result is, it is brave to face and accept it frankly.

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