When I was about to give up, I suddenly became strong!

The mood of preparing for pregnancy is unspeakable. Let me talk about my pregnancy experience.

In the first month of pregnancy, I bought the ovulation test strip and semi -fixed measurement test on the Internet. Due to the first ovulation test strip, the menstruation was on the 14th day, and the strong yang was measured at 9 o’clock during the day., Think about not in a hurry, it is not too late to arrange it at night, but there is something at night, and it is 11 o’clock at home. I quickly tested an ovulation test paper.Once, I was giving up early pregnancy every day with an anticipated mood. I always went to the hospital on the 8th day after ovulation, because I was an acute child. I couldn’t wait for the ovulation test strip to respond.It is difficult to describe it in words. When I got home, I cried for a while. My time, the egg should still have the ability to fertilize.… The first month ended with a failure.

In the second month, I decided to prepare for pregnancy seriously. After menstruation, I drank black soybean milk, play badminton, and went to work every day to exercise.The left and right ovulation, but this time I have been weak. At the same time, I was very depressed. At the same time, I discussed with my husband to go to the beach to play to relax. Maybe the baby is here.I have always been weak, but for two days, we both arranged homework, because I have seen a post on the Internet before, saying that weak yang also has ovulation, no matter if he is three or seventeen, you will have to talk about it first.After playing for two days, after returning home, I have been using ovulation test strips, and I have been weak. On the 19th day of menstruation, when I was about to give up, I thought about whether this month did not have no ovulation.It’s time, hurry up and arrange your homework. After two days of Qiangyang, when the day of weakening, he didn’t give it up. He said it was too tired. I ran through the heart of 10,000 grass mud horses in my heart.You, my husband said, the days of breeding horses are not good. I said that the days of planting women and horses were not arranged. On the 10th day after ovulation, I tested early pregnancy test strips. I kept the whiteboard. I thought that this month would definitely have no drama.But the mentality is not the same as last month, and it is even more indifferent. Just work too hard next month.

In order to ensure that everything is lost, I went to the hospital to do follicular monitoring. The menstruation started on the 10th day of menstruation. The picture was later presented. The doctor said that the follicles grew very well. After two days, the menstruation came again. The doctor said that this is the case.Line a day, go home in the same room. When I get home, I want to verify the errors of the B -ultrasound and ovulation test strip. Sure enough, the ovulation test paper is already sunny, but it has not yet reached the strong yang.Rest, so I can only test at home. On August 28th, I arranged it once. The 29th Yang turned weak and arranged again. The 31st was close to the whiteboard. Hurry to the hospital.Small excitement, I can ovulate normally, I was worried about whether it would be lighter before, and went home and waited for the lottery. On the 8th day of ovulation, on September 6th, I measured a test paper and whiteboard. Because I followed me on this day, I followed me.The first anniversary of her husband’s marriage, I wanted to give him a special wedding gift, but no, I thought that next month I had to check him JZ, is it his reason? In this way, we played very late at night.Going home, the interest at night is so good, I thought that I was not pregnant anyway, just ………….. This saves 1,000 words here ~

On September 8th, I got up in the morning, my chest was painful, I couldn’t wake up, it is estimated that my menstruation was coming, but in the afternoon, my body was hot, just like a fever, I was pregnant and early, but I was not obvious, but I was afraid of calling.The continuous test has been deepened, but the speed of deepening the test strip is not deepened. On September 9th, the 11th day of ovulation, September 9th, the hospital draws blood?When you get the test form, your hands are shaking, blood HCG53. Due to the low time period, the value is low, don’t worry. In the next few days, the early pregnancy test strip has been deepened.Finally advanced, I hope my baby grows up healthily in my belly, and Ma Ma loves you ~

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