When I was in college, class flowers were pregnant

1. When I was in college, the class in the class was pregnant. Banhua said that his child was from our class. The counselor asked each boy to talk to the office. When it was my turn, the counseor calmly said: You go back, I believe, I believeyou!

2. Recently, my husband is always sneaky. He often goes to a small sales department and goes out for a long time. The key is that the boss is still a girl.I was really angry. Today I secretly followed him and watched what he did outside the small sales department. As a result, the boy even bought a bag of cigarettes and finished it in the small sales department.For his health, he could only open his eyes and closed his eyes in the future.

Three years later, three years later, they met in another city, and their wives shed tears: "Why did you say nothing about it?" The man briefly described the situation at the time.The wife turned and left, and said lightly: "That’s the Steenth anti -virus software …!"

4. Go to the Civil Affairs Bureau for divorce. The handling staff is a little aunt. She said, "What are you doing," brother -in -law, sister, "I said: Divorce, what can I do?She said, "Olympic, that’s easy to do, I will give you the back door, who makes us a relative."

1. The aunt is relatively fat. At the age of 28, she did n’t have a boyfriend. Today, she went to buy fruit. She paid the money and asked the fruit to sell the fruit: “Foot scales?” The fruit selling fruit said confidently: “Auntie, rest assured, you can rest assuredLet ’s be full of scales here. If you do n’t have enough scales, let me hit the bachelor for a lifetime!" The aunt was more true and said, "What, you call me aunt? I am only 28?If you have a scale, can you marry me? "As a result, the fruit selling the fruit did not say, a bag that took the fruit to install the fruit added five more fruits inside!Intersection

2. Go to a blind date today, the other party is a beauty!After going, the beauty ordered 3 dishes, namely: Tianluo, Loos, Lobster!I understood at a glance, and I didn’t say that I didn’t say a toothpick in 5 minutes, and I finished eating a plate of field snails!I saw the beautiful woman nodded slightly and said: Eat some loach again, right?I waved my hand: No, I can’t make up anymore … The goddess shows a satisfactory smile!Then I told the beauty to taste the lobster. The beauty ate it and said it was delicious, so I ordered a plate of lobster … At this time, the beautiful woman laughed and said: Okay, it’s you, when did you get a certificate? "Intersection

3. Speed 900,000 cash and married a little girl who just graduated. Good news came out in a month of marriage. Aunt was pregnant. After 6 months, the child was born.Dad, everyone is immersed in joy. The 11 -year -old cousin suddenly came: "I remember that I had a child in ten months of pregnancy. Why did she give birth to 6 months?" Aunt was embarrassed and explained: "The children now are precocious, just like you! "

4. The aunt’s voice is particularly tender!She took a long -distance car home for the New Year, and suddenly received a scam call. A southern accent said: Your husband has made my sister’s stomach big, and it takes 500,000 …The aunt said: Ah?I am in a car, and do I have a husband?The other party didn’t speak anymore. After 30 seconds, I said: I’m sorry, I made a mistake. The little sister took the winter vacation and went home to celebrate the New Year …!

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