When is the easiest to get pregnant!

Conception is a complex physiological process. The following conditions must be possessed: the ovarian discharged normal eggs, semen contains sperm with normal movement, eggs and sperm can meet in the fallopian tube and combine it into fertilized eggs. The fertilized eggs can be sent to the uterine cavity.The endometrium of the uterine must be suitable for the bed. As long as these conditions are abnormal, they can hinder pregnancy.

Women’s ovulation date is generally about 14 days before the next menstruation.After the ovarian is expelled from the ovary, the inner survival of the fallopian tube can survive for 1-2 days to wait for fertilization. Men’s sperm can maintain the essence of 2-3 days in the women’s reproductive tract, so sexual intercourse is prone to conception in a few days before and after the eggs.For the sake of insurance, we called the ovulation period for 10 days before the ovulation day and the ovulation day.Because sexual intercourse during ovulation is prone to conception, the ovulation period is also called susceptible to pregnancy or dangerous period.

Women of normal childbearing age have been menstruation once a month, from the start of menstruation to the first day of the next menstrual period, called the 1 -menstrual cycle.The length of the menstrual cycle has no effect on pregnancy, unless your cycle is not regular, this will cause some difficulty to predict the ovulation period.Most women’s menstrual cycles will change in their lifetime, and they will become longer or shortened with their age growth cycle.As long as you can determine the day of ovulation, the length of the menstrual cycle will not have any adverse effects on pregnancy.

The average menstrual cycle is 28 days.If the day of menstruation (normal bleeding) is calculated on the first day, you will usually ovulate about two weeks before the next menstrual tide.Your menstrual cycle is not necessarily 28 days, but if the cycle is irregular, or the number of normal menstrual times per year is less than 6 times, there is a problem.

If your menstrual cycle is regular, you can roughly calculate the days of ovulation. You can have a plan to have a plan before and after ovulation.Calculate what day the next menstrual period may be, and then push back 16 days. This is the date of your ovulation.

Taking the menstrual cycle 30 days as an example:

Day 1 (Tide of menstruation)

Day 15-19 (ovulation)

On the 30th (the day before the tide of menstruation next time)

How to choose the timing of pregnancy?

Infertility after marriage or contraception within one month after the marriage is 53%, 77%within 3 months, 88%in 6 months, and 92%within one year.

Because women in normal childbearing age are excreted only one egg per month, sometimes egg cells are not developed and cannot be fertilized, and the sperm egg survive time is short. Sperm can only survive for 24-48 hours in the woman’s body.Strong eggs can encounter conception, so you must have the opportunity to conceive in the ovulation sexual intercourse.How to identify the ovulation period?Introduce the people who are ready to be a mother and father

Three methods to predict the ovulation period:

1. Calculate the menstrual cycle: If the cycle is normal, ovulates in the middle of two menstruation.

If the period is extended after the cycle, it should be 14 days before the next menstrual period.

2. Cervical mucus: The amount of cervical mucus increases 24 hours before ovulation, transparent and colorless, strong viscosity, and it is not easy to break.

3. Measure the basal body temperature: The menstrual cycle is divided into a follicle period, ovulation period, luteal stage, and menstrual period. The basal body temperature also changes in these four periods. The ovulation period occurs at the lowest temperature period.The day after order accounted for 30%, and 15%the previous day, very few occurred in two days before and after.

Two days before and after the ovulation period are susceptible to pregnancy.Based on the above three methods, the ovulation period is comprehensively considered.The prospective father and expectant mothers who plan to plan a baby should choose to sex during ovulation, which can increase the chance of conception.If you have not conceived a year, you can go to the hospital for the cause.

If there is no contraception room during ovulation, the probability of fertilization is very high.Even about 60%of the chances of pregnancy in vitamin are about 60%.

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