When married and unborn women are required to be resigned when they are applying for pregnancy, and fertility has become a burden on women?

If your newlywed wife is in his 20s, he will apply for a company.The company requires that if your wife is pregnant during his job, he will take the initiative to leave.This requirement is an additional condition for employment and needs to be signed with the labor contract.What should you do?Are you determined not to let your lover go to this company?Or take the legal weapon and say to employment discrimination?

This "if" happened recently in Chongqing.A official message board received a complaint from netizens and went to a hotel in Chongqing to job jobs. The hotel’s manpower department asked her to write a written commitment of "immediately resigning immediately".The netizen said that she was 28 years old and was just married."Is it because you do n’t have a child, do you treat it like this when you find a job? Therefore, what is the significance of maternity insurance in the five insurances?"

Has children’s burdens on women?

Why are there such "spicy eyes" employment standards?The business owner around me told me that for the company, female employees need to bring paid holidays and also need to issue allowances, and they cannot participate in labor during maternity leave.This is a cost for enterprises.Therefore, in order to reduce this part of the cost, some companies use disguise, and they think they are smart to violate the relevant laws of the Labor Law.For the industry, if this injustice is discovered, you can actively protect yourself, report this behavior, and purify the employment environment.Therefore, I praised this message and thanked many media for reposting to report that this trick was more likely to be recognized by employees and regulators.

When we met in the morning, when we talked about this, Xiao Yang in the office said that when he recruited interviews in the previous company, although the gender was preferred, in actual operation, in addition to recruiting men, only recruiting single women, and still adding additional women, and still attached to additional women, and still attached to additional women, and they are still adding additional women, and they are still adding additional women, and they are still adding to add.The contract is not allowed to get married and have children within a few years.Their boss said that women who cannot recruit boyfriends, because they soon consider the problem of marriage and fertility, and have no more energy to invest in work.Not to do not recruit women who are not married, they may be pregnant at any time. If you have maternity leave, the company’s subsidy will not say that when you have maternity leave, when your mother still has to take care of the child’s eating, drinking, Lazar, it will not work hard.

In fact, in addition to this typical recruitment gender discrimination, there are also stealth recruitment discrimination such as age, region, education, etc.Based on cost considerations, employers often choose "cost -effective" candidates.In recent years, with the improvement of higher education and vocational education and the delay of employee’s retirement period, the recruitment market has gradually formed in the human market.More and more employees need a job, which allows enterprises to stand in the position of a selector.In qualified candidates, the low cost of employment.Controlling the cost of employment is in line with the nature of business profit, but companies have not assumed their corresponding social obligations.In addition, this kind of "invisible discrimination" is difficult to obtain evidence, lack of relevant regulations, coupled with the lack of perception of the industry, and the long way to maintain legitimate rights and interests.

Has children’s burdens on women?

Back to the news just now, the 28 -year -old married non -breeding candidate encountered workplace fertility discrimination, and I saw many netizens on the Internet that they were inconsistent for this hotel:

For example, "Those who scold the employers are too idealized. I don’t know if you have encountered or have you ever graduated from the school and graduated from the school to report to the unit.Colleagues? Now women are getting more and more difficult for employment, and these selfish people have contributed. Employers can’t believe that women who come to job jobs are seamless when they are in employment. "

And "this is still willing to recruit women, it is good. Some companies are limited to men, and some companies do not write limited men, but they brush off women by default when recruiting.Women have a way to live "

Therefore, from the perspective of the dual law, on the one hand, society’s requirements for women are a bit harsh.Although the traditional manner of the family society has improved, the heavy men and women in the workplace are still common.In many cases, for life, women have to become a strong woman in the workplace and complete the same job as men.And at home, you have to work well in housework. You need to take care of the family and take care of all aspects of life.

It can be seen here that society is not friendly to women in the workplace.If a woman disregards her home, she will be said to be a strong woman with a strong personality. She has a strong personality, admits money or not, and lacks feminine.If you do n’t work at home, you will sometimes be despised by the family, and the guarantee of a full -time wife is not stable when the divorce rate is so high today.

On the other hand, reality also shows that not long after entering the female employees of many employers, they have to start maternity leave, so many jobs can not be carried out smoothly, and they have to subsidize their salary costs.After opening the second child, some women will have one after another.If you are pregnant as soon as you join the job, there are not a few who leave your post after maternity leave.Therefore, the company that has eaten these losses often explain this problem first when recruiting.Enterprises, especially small and medium -sized enterprises, are still very difficult to use in employment and cannot withstand much labor costs.

Has children’s burdens on women?

The author believes that in order to resolve this employment contradiction, our maternity insurance guarantee is still the most suitable leverage.The current maternity insurance can ensure the basic salary of female employees during work and during maternity leave, and the lack of wages are generally borne by the enterprise.If fertility insurance guarantee is strong enough, there will be no corporate loss.In this way, it seems that women’s employment is no longer discriminated against, and enterprises have not lost much, and they have a win -win situation.But how easy is it?Renzhong is far away (text/Shanlan)

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