When pregnant, my mother has to do a regular checkup 10 times, and there are 4 births, and my father must be accompanied again

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Pregnancy and having children are not just about mothers. Dad should be anxious. After all, there is no way to help mothers share the pain of pregnancy, and they should provide spiritual help!


When I was pregnant, I went to the hospital for a checkup and found that most of the mothers went to the hospital to do a birthday inspection. There was no father’s company beside him. Moms dragged their bloated bodies by themselves, and ran upstairs and down to pay.”Zero plan”

When I was doing a three -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound, I saw a mother in the waiting room. I called my husband with the results of the color Doppler ultrasound. I cried while fighting. The husband over there didn’t know what to say. This mother cried even more fierce.

I learned about the approximate situation in my mother’s intermittent words. The original results of the child’s birth inspection were not very good. The doctor suggested a miscarriage.

This mother collapsed and uncomfortable, so she called to tell her husband, but her husband did not know how to comfort her, causing the mother to collapse.


Dr. Duan Tao of the Shanghai Maternal and Child Health Hospital also mentioned that her mother had several inspections, and her father was busy and recommended to participate.

Generally, mothers will do 10 births during pregnancy: 12 weeks of the first pregnancy, 16 weeks of the second pregnancy, the 3rd pregnancy of the 3rd, the fourth pregnancy 24 to 28 weeks, the fifth pregnancy 30 weeks32 weeks of the 6th pregnancy, 34 weeks of the 7th pregnancy, 36 weeks of the 8th pregnancy, 37 weeks of the 9th pregnancy, and the 10th pregnancy 38 weeks.

If the mother has not been born after 38 weeks, it will also have to do a birth check for a week.

The first time: 12 weeks of pregnancy to build files

Generally, at 12 weeks of pregnancy, mothers can go to the obstetrics and gynecology department for archives. During the archives, the mother must estimate the due date, and evaluate the high -risk factors of pregnancy, blood pressure, fetal heart, blood type, empty blood sugar, liver function, hepatitis B surface antigen, syphilis, syphilisSpiral, AIDS screening.

Among them, Dad also has to check together, because there are some screening of thalassemia, or syphilis, hepatitis B surface antigen, and dad also needs to be tested accordingly.

This time, my father is going to participate because sometimes Dad also needs a blood test. Secondly, there are many items for this inspection, and the mother has been in the hospital for a long time. Some projects are required to be checked on an empty stomach to prevent the mother from being prevented from being because of the onset of an empty stomach to prevent the mother from being because it is because the mother is to prevent the mother from because itHungry low blood sugar fainted, and dad must be with him.

2nd time: 20-24 weeks of pregnancy, three -dimensional or four -dimensional deformity screening

The examination is mainly to understand whether the organs of the fetus and the limbs of the facial features are deformed.

If the child has severe malformations, the doctor may recommend abortion, but if the deformity is not very serious, some doctors will suggest that they will perform surgery after giving birth, or the child’s malformation may gradually grow up with themselves.

The results of B -ultrasound can come out soon. Generally, you can show the doctor of the checkup on the same day, so it is recommended that your father accompany his mother. In case of any doctor, the doctor can communicate directly with his father, saving his mother’s belly and anxious.

And if the three -dimensional 4D color Doppler baby does not cooperate, the mother may have to take a few times. If it is unclear, the doctor asked the mother to come out to eat something or walk the stairs. These dads help the bag next to them. It is also very important to help the mother.Essence

3rd time: 24 ~ 26 weeks of diabetes screening

This inspection impressed many mothers very deeply, because the doctor could not eat it after 10 pm the night before, and you can drink a small amount of water.

On the second day of the sky, I arrived at the hospital. At first, the doctor would draw blood first, and then asked the mother to drink a large bottle of sugar water, and the request was to drink it within a few minutes. Some mothers wanted to vomit.It drank.

After drinking sugar water, you can’t eat it. After half an hour, the doctor will call his mother to get blood, and then take another blood again in two hours.

It mainly depends on the mother’s empty blood sugar, half an hour after meals, and the blood glucose level two hours after meals, because the mother must wait for the blood, and they cannot eat during this time.

Many mothers will be hungry, and some hypoglycemia will even faint, so this time my father must be with it. When the mother goes to draw blood, you can go to the hospital to buy some hot foods.Let my mother fill her belly.

4th time: 37 weeks of birth check

Generally, there will be a B -ultrasound examination at 37 weeks of pregnancy. See if the fetal position is normal, it will also check the mother’s cervical situation, and depending on the other situation of the mother’s body. It depends on whether it is suitable.

If it is suitable for delivery, it is recommended that the mother wait for the hospital to go to the hospital, but if the mother’s physical condition is not suitable for delivery, the cesarean section is needed, then the cesarean section should be selected.

If you choose a period, you need to discuss your father and mother, and then the time to go to work for a doctor is usually a cesarean section after 39 weeks.

Therefore, Dad is busy, and these four delivery inspections must follow the strongest backing of the mother to make the mother more stable when she is pregnant.

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