When the girl kissed her classmates, she became pregnant#女

The girl just kissed the male classmate, and then jumped into the pool shyly.Unexpectedly, a bright red color instantly appeared on the water.The girl’s belly suddenly became bigger, she was pregnant in an instant, and she was about to give birth.Soon, the girl gave birth to a baby in place, and the people around were stunned.Especially the male classmate, he did not expect that one of his kisses would lead to this result.What’s even more weird is that, on the same day, 43 girls around the world gave birth to a child at the same time.A billionaire heard the news and began to inquire about the whereabouts of these heavenly babies.

These children were born with superpowers, so the rich decided to adopt them and set up a foreign name for them: one, two, three, four, five, six, and six.He equipped each child with a special nanny, and also customized a perfect robot mother and loyal orangutan housekeeper for them to take care of their daily life.However, the rich has always been busy with their own work and ignored the needs of children.Even if the children want to say good night before going to bed, he never responds.

He began to study the superpowers of 7 people and even monitor their brain waves, which caused a gap between 7 people.However, soon his research has achieved results, and their superpowers are gradually being discovered.The boss is naturally divine and infinitely powerful; the second child can manipulate the flying knife, which makes people feel frightened; the third child can be invisible and people cannot detect; the fourth child can predict the future and make people amazing;People lose their direction; the old six can control the time and make people elusive; the old seven can control the magnetic field and make people unable to resist.These children’s superpowers are getting stronger and stronger, and their father has begun to pay more attention to them.

However, their lives began to become unrestrained.Some people began to sting their superpowers and tried to be unfavorable to them.They need to cooperate together to protect the safety of themselves and their families.In the process, they learned to trust and support each other and became real siblings.Their father also realized their mistakes and began to pay more attention to their growth and happiness.This is a story full of love and friendship, telling us that as long as we tolerate and support each other, we can overcome all difficulties and become a better ourselves.

Baby Scale-(24inch)