When these 10 cases occur during pregnancy, go to the hospital quickly, maybe the fetus is asking for help!

Once you are pregnant, the expectant mothers will have any "wind blowing and grass movement". They are worried that the babies in the belly are dangerous. Generally speaking, do not worry about most of the symptoms such as morning vomiting, mild pain, and indigestion.If you are uncertain, you should see the doctor in time. Experts said that if these 10 are in pregnancy, you should seek medical treatment.

1. Bleeding:

Bleeding during pregnancy is usually caused by changes in hormones or increased cervical vascular increases. In addition, sexual behavior during pregnancy can also cause minor bleeding. The most common abnormalities are usually accompanied by large amount of bleeding, blood clots, and abdominal painFor example, abortion, ectopic pregnancy, hydatidal fetus, etc., experts remind that during pregnancy, bleeding at any stage should be seen in time.

2. Pain:

When pain, you must worry about pain. If it is back pain, it may be symptoms of kidney infection.

If severe, intermittent, or persistent pain occurs, or if you feel stress on the pelvis or abdominal spasm (especially in the late pregnancy), it may be a sign of premature birth.

In addition, pain during pregnancy may be a sign of early peeling.

3. Edema:

Pregnant women’s hands, feet, and facial edema may be the manifestation of the aura uterine epilepsy. Generally, the incidence of this kind of situation is 5%-8%. It can be detected after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

4. Change the urine:

If a pregnant woman has a turbid or unpleasant smell when she is pregnant, it may be caused by dehydration, but this situation lasts for a long time, it is likely that urinary tract infection is likely to occur, otherwise it must be treated in time, otherwise it will easily lead to premature baby birth.happened.

5. Vaginal secretions abnormal:

Generally, the phenomenon of vaginal discharge (leucorrhea) in the early stages of pregnancy occurs. It is normal and does not need to worry too much.If you are worried about whether there is an infection, you should go to the hospital for examination.

6, abnormal fetal movement:

If the normal mode of fetal movement has changed after 28 weeks of pregnancy, it is best to go to consult a obstetrician, because the frequency of fetal movement may be that the fetus is trapped or the pregnant woman is dehydrated.

7, itching:

In one case, there should be extra worries during pregnancy. If the feet or palms of the pregnant woman are more itchy, it is likely that there is a rare severe complications.Pay attention.The harm of bile stasis is very harmful, which can cause premature babies, inhalation of fetal manure, and even the death of the fetus. You should immediately see a doctor.

8. Visual vision:

Some pregnant women suddenly have blurred vision during pregnancy, and the loss of Yu Guang can even see the situation of black spots. Such symptoms are likely to be a signal from signs of eclampath. Be sure to go to the hospital for investigation immediately.

9. Headache:

Insufficient sleep, reduced caffeine, changes in diet and pressure can cause headaches for pregnant women, but if headaches continue, they should go to the hospital to check whether it is caused by signs of eclampsia.

10, legs spasm:

Pregnant women often experience symptoms of leg cramps when they are pregnant. Generally, walking and Dorra will help alleviate leg spasm. Pay attention to potassium supplementation of calcium and calcium, but if you are in pregnancy, you may have thrombosis., Should go to the hospital for further examination and diagnosis.

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